10 December 2019
Swiss National League A

Clash between last year’s finalists GC Zürich and Wiler-Ersigen ends in overtime (+Highlights)

Wiler-Ersigen vs. GC Zürich (Photo: Swissunihockey)

Last weekend, a repetition of last year’s Superfinal has been played: GC Zürich vs. Wiler-Ersigen. Unless last time, the Grasshoppers took the victory: 8-7 in overtime.

Runner-up GC wanted to prove it’s able to fight for gold again this year, while on the other side, Wiler added incredible players like Joonas Pylsy and Krister Savonen to its squad. The home team didn’t seem impressed as it took a 3-0 lead in the first period already. However, within minutes, Wiler equalized after scoring three goals in 52 seconds.

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Wiler-Ersigen vs. GC Zürich (Photo: Swissunihockey)

Halfway the game – GC had taken a 5-3 lead, but saw Wiler tie again – Wiler-Ersigen took the lead for the first time, when Pylsy scored 5-6. Zürich’s MVP Paolo Riedi helped his team to get back next to Wiler, but again, the Swiss champion took the lead. When Christoph Meier equalized at 51:49, it became clearer and clearer this game was to end in overtime.


The teams had played eight minutes of overtime before Florian Wenk scored his second goal of the day, which gave GC Zürich the victory. Riedi ended up with 5 (1+4) points, while Wiler-Ersigen’s MVP Michal Dudovic scored 3 (3+0) points.


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