GC Zürich

Last weekend, a repetition of last year’s Superfinal has been played: GC Zürich vs. Wiler-Ersigen. Unless last time, the Grasshoppers took the victory: 8-7 in overtime. Runner-up GC wanted to prove it’s able to fight for gold again this year, while on the other side, Wiler added incredible players like Joonas Pylsy and Krister Savonen […]
SV Wiler-Ersigen are Swiss champions! The team took a well-deserved victory against Grasshoppers Club Zürich and redeemed itself after last year’s disastrous loss against Köniz. The final score was 8-4. Although Wiler-Ersigen was the better team overall, the first period was relatively balanced. Wiler-Ersigen opened the score halfway the period (Wittwer) but the score was […]
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