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Swiss update: cup final tomorrow and playoffs/playouts

An update from Switzerland, about the cup finals and the playoffs/playouts in the NLA and NLB.

Cup finals: Saturday, February 22

10.00 Women Small Field Finals
13.00 Men Small Field Finals
16.15 Women’s Finals: Piranha Chur – Kloten- Dietlikon Jets
20.15 Men’s Finals: Alligator Malans – Zug United

All games can be seen on Swiss Unihockey TV.

NLA: Playoffs and playouts

The playoff race was pretty much already decided before the end of the competition phase. There have been some minor changes in the table, WaSa, for example, went up to 6th place because they managed to correct a -12 goal deficit to HCR. But it didn’t really matter, because the top 4 teams are choosing their playoff opponent and GC Zürich picked WaSa anyway!

So, here’s how the playoffs will look like:

SV Wiler-Ersigen (1) – Chur Unihockey (8)
GC Zürich (2) – WaSa (6)
Floorball Köniz (3) – Zug United (5)
Alligator Malans (4) – HC Rychenberg Winterthur (7)

Starting next week, they play a best of 7 series, from 28.02 till 22.03.

The playouts also will be a best of 7 series:

UHC Uster (9) – Sarnen (12)
Tigers Langnau (10) – UHC Thun (11)

The two winners of this playout series are sure of staying in the NLA. The two losers… still have a chance! The two losers of those two series will have to fight against the winners of the NLB Semi-Final Series, also in a best of 7 Series. The winner of this series will stay or move to the NLA, while the loser plays its 2020/2021 games in the NLB.


All those games (Playoffs, Playouts, and Relegation) will be streamed live on Swiss Unihockey TV (Link above). There also will be TV Games every Saturday, the first one will be WaSa – GC. They will show the games on SRF 2, the public Swiss Network. Those games are quite nice and big events!


The second Swiss competition, the NLB, was really exciting this year. Basel (with Mendelin), Thurgau (with some serious Finnish power), Jets and surprisingly Fribourg have formed the Top 4 basically all season. Basel was incredibly good, Thurgau and Jets had some better and some worse moments and Fribourg really is the big surprise, how constantly they made their points.

Behind that, the ranking was really thrilling. Sargans and Grünenmatt have been at the two last places basically all season. But they also made good games against better teams. Sargans, for example, made their only points against Thurgau, Jets, Fribourg and almost beat Basel in the last game. RD March-Höfe Altendorf (#10) also beat Jets at some point, Davos as 9th made a point against Basel.

Places 5-10 were really close together. Anything could have happened and, for real, any team could have beaten any team. In the end, the Red Devils ended up at 10th place, while Davos dropped from 6th to 9th place in the last round.

Playoffs (Best of 5):

The playoffs in the NLB have already started:

Basel Regio (1) – ULA (8): 1:1 (8:9 OT, 5:1)
Floorball Thurgau (2) – Gordola (7): 2:0 (9:5, 10:4)
Kloten- Dietlikon Jets (3) – UHT Eggiwil (6): 1:1 (4:9, 5:4 a.P.)
Fribourg (4) – Ticino Unihockey (5): 2:0 (8:5, 9:8 OT)

The first game between Basel and Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen was amazing. In Basel, a big crowd saw how the home team took an 8-3 lead. ULA received a red card – and still got back to win the game in overtime!

The winners of this series will play semifinals, also Best of 5. The winners of those games are going up to the relegation battle against the losers of the NLA playout series.

Playouts (Best of 5):

Iron Marmots Davos (9) – UHC Sarganserland (12)
Red Devils March- Höfe Altendorf (10) – UHC Grünenmatt (11)

The playouts will start next week. The winners stay in the NLB, while the losers move on to a relegation playout game against a team from the lower league.

All game dates and stuff you can see on https://www.swissunihockey.ch/de/ or in the app!

This article was written by Julian Rüger and edited by Daniël Nicolai.

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