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Top 10: World’s best floorball players 2019

Recently, the list of the 2019 world’s best floorball players has been published.

Below, you can find the top 10 of the men’s floorball players. In our extended article, you can find more information about these ten players and the reason why they made it to this list.

READ – World’s best floorball players 2019: Extended edition

Top 10 floorball players (2019)

  1. Emil Johansson, Sweden & IBF Falun (Sweden)
  2. Alexander Rudd, Sweden & Storvreta IBK (Sweden)
  3. Joonas Pylsy, Finland & SV Wiler-Ersigen (Switzerland)
  4. Krister Savonen, Finland & SV Wiler-Ersigen (Switzerland)
  5. Tobias Gustafsson, Sweden & Storvreta IBK (Sweden)
  6. Nico Salo, Finland & Classic (Finland)
  7. Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden & IBF Falun (Sweden)
  8. Eero Kosonen, Finland & SPV (Finland)
  9. Peter Kotilainen, Finland & Happee (Finland)
  10. Sami Johansson, Finland & Classic (Finland)

If you want extra information (How many goals did Galante score? Who gave six assists in one game? Which of these players scored 8+2 in a single match?), click here and start reading the extended edition now!

Featured image by Per Wiklund.

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