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“I like to spread my love for floorball around Germany”

GoGirls! Ambassador Anna-Lena Best will play her fourth WFC (U19 included).

We spoke with her about her club, the national team and what it’s like to be an ambassador for the IFF.

At which club do you play and how is the season going so far?

I play at Duemptener Fuechse 96 as a center (in the national team, I’m playing at the right forward spot). We are currently placed second in the highest German league.

You’re a GoGirls! ambassador. Can you tell us a bit about that?

I had an interview on the IFF website a while ago. Alena [Holst, teammate from team Germany] asked me if I could be the ambassador for our team. I said yes because I think that I can be a role model for young girls in Germany considering that I’m only 20 years old myself and already play my fourth WFC in Neuchatel (if you include U19).

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Anna-Lena Best covering the ball against Norway during the U19 WFC 2018 (Photo: André Burri/IFF)

I like to spread my love for floorball around Germany and I am happy continuing to do so at the WFC in Switzerland.

Which teams did you play against at the WFCQ and how were these matches?

We played against Austria, Spain, Finland, and Russia. We won with high numbers against Austria, were victorious against Spain, but had no chance against Finland.

The game against Russia decided who would qualify for the WFC. It was very intense and both teams gave their best to win, but in the end, we were stronger and won 8-4.

In the group stage, you meet Switzerland, Poland, and Finland. What are your thoughts towards these games, and what are your goals?

The games against Switzerland and Finland will be extremely hard, but we are excited to play against two of the world’s best teams. Especially the game against the home team will be amazing because the atmosphere will be extraordinary.

Poland is a good team as well and plays extremely physically, so we need to be fully awake to be able to stand up against them. However, we are very motivated and cannot wait to participate in the World Championships in Neuchatel.

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Anna-Lena Best during the U19 WFC 2018 match against Slovakia (Photo: Claudio Thoma/IFF)

How is your personal + team preparation for the WFC?

Personally I try to be focused during every team practice and I do additional sessions to be perfectly prepared for the intense strain of the WFC. With the team, we did several training camps and participated in the Six Nation Floorball Challenge.

When did you start playing floorball?

I started playing floorball at the age of 8, so by now, I am playing for 12 years. A friend of mine took me to the practice and since then I am floorballlized.

When I was younger, I played tennis, but when I intensified my floorball practice I decided to fully concentrate on it.

What was your best floorball game ever?

That’s difficult to say. Over the years I had many memorable games with my teammates.

I guess one of my best games for Team Germany was the game against Russia in this year’s WFCQ, where I scored 3 goals.

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