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These teams qualified for the Women’s U19 WFC 2020

Now that the Women’s U19 WFCQ has come to an end, we can make a list of all sixteen participants to the U19 WFC.

WFC Qualifications

With fourteen places occupied already, only two more European teams could add to the list. At the last WFCQ, five teams competed against each other: Russia, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Italy. Russia won the tournament, while Austria became runner-up, which granted these teams access to the final round: the WFC 2020.

All participating teams

The following countries can be found in Group A and B: Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, and Latvia. The remaining eight countries, from Group C and D, are Slovakia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Russia, and Austria.

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It’s the first team China will compete at this level. There will no longer be an A-& B-division. The teams will be divided into four groups in one division based on ranking and a ballot. Groups A/B and C/D are divided according to ranking, based on the results from U19 WFC 2018. Group ballot will be held to decide the final four groups.

More information

The Women’s U19 WFC 2020 will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, from May 6-10 2020. More information about the teams can be found here, or at the WFC’s website.

In 2018, Sweden won the WFC U19 (Photo: Severin Binkert/IFF)
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