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NEW: Join our Online Floorball Seminar / Coaching Sessions!

Most of you probably can’t train right now and are sitting at home. In order to improve as a floorball player, FloorballToday has started online floorball coaching sessions. You can join right away, to improve as a player, goalkeeper, trainer or coach!

(Featured image: Per Wiklund)

How does this seminar look like?

Basically, you can decide everything. In a video call, we discuss a number of videos that you provide yourself. This can be from a game, but also from you individually. It all depends on what you want to learn:

  • Want to improve on your shooting? Then send us a video in which you take a few shots (preferably all kinds of shots, including backhands, and filmed from different angles);
  • Prefer to receive an explanation of an offensive/defensive playing system? Then send us video’s of your team, or tell us which system your team is playing, so we can look for a video ourselves;
  • Want to gain better control of the ball? Then we would like to receive a video that shows you what your ball control is like right now.
  • Etc. etc. – it’s all up to you what you want to improve on!

In principle, you can ask us everything. After receiving your video, we’ll analyze it and discuss it with you in a video call. You’ll be given concrete tips, with which you can practice at home. If desired, we will schedule another video call a few weeks later, to see how it goes and if we can answer any further questions.

Photo: Per Wiklund

The minimum price for these online coaching sessions is €50 excl. VAT. If you deliver a long video (20 min or more), the price will slightly increase as it’ll take us more time to analyze.

Sign up right away by filling in the contact form below. If you want more information, you can also write down your details below. We will contact you within two days!

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