19 January 2020
Patron Only WFC 2019

WFC 2019: Day 1 summarized [Patron Only]

Margrit Scheidegger (#18, Switzerland) at the WFC 2019 (Photo: Claudio Schwarz/unihockey-fotos.ch)

The WFC has started! Here’s what happened during Day 1.

We’ll give you a recap of all six games, in which a big number of goals has been scored. Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland all made it into double digits. Let’s kick off!

Finland – Poland 14-3

How to stop the Kauppi twins? Well… you can’t! At least, Poland couldn’t. It took less than three minutes for the twins to score the opening goal: Oona Kauppi assisted her sister Veera. Within fifteen minutes, Finland had already taken a 4-0 lead, but then the team lost it a bit. Poland took its chance and scored two quick goals, but before the period was over, Veera Kauppi scored her second and set the score at 5-2.

Watch – Agata Plechan’s dream goal

In the second period, the Kauppi’s continued on what they’re good at: scoring. However, the most beautiful goal was scored by Poland’s Agata Plechan (7-3), which was also the last goal of the period. In the final period, Poland had given up, while a few of Finland’s newcomers found the net; Milja-Maria Saarikoski, Inka Lampinen, Sara Piispa, and Suvi Hamalainen all scored their debut goal in this period and put the final score at 14-3.

Finland – Poland at the WFC 2019 (Photo: Fabrice Duc/www.fabriceduc.ch)

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