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“I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try out floorball – and now I‘m going to the WFC”

One of Germany’s defenders during the WFC 2019 is Alena Holst.

Holst has been to one WFC before (2017) and played several WFCQ games. She plays as a defender in the Swiss NLA with her club UHC Laupen.

Does your field position at Laupen differ from how you have to play in the national team?

Not really – At my home club I play on the left side and in the national team I‘m the defender on the right side.

How has your road to the WFC been?

It was really hard. I had to train a lot because I had injured myself at the beginning of June and was then operated on my foot and fortunately got fit again in time.

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Alena Holst (#20)

Which teams did you play against at the WFCQ and how were these matches?

We played against Austria, Finland, Spain, and Russia. We knew that we had to win against everyone except Finland to be the second in the group and qualify directly.

It all went according to plan but the last game against Russia was pretty tough.

In the group stage, you meet Switzerland, Poland, and Finland. What are your thoughts towards these games, and what are your goals?

We all know that the top 4 nations are still a big step away but we don‘t want to be beaten in advance and hopefully annoy them for a long time.

The game against Poland will be the most important for us because it‘s about the 3rd place in the group – I think a win would be perfect.

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Alena Holst in the game between Germany and Finland

How is your personal + team preparation for the WFC?

I think we worked a lot together and grew as a team. But I‘m also sure that everyone outside the team did a lot of individual work.

How and when did you start playing floorball?

Before Floorball I played Badminton. When I was 14, I started playing Floorball when my sister and her teammates were looking for new people because they were not enough. I thought it wouldn‘t hurt to try it out – and now I‘m going to the WFC.

Tell us about your best floorball game ever

That‘s hard to say. National, the most successful game for us was surely the one that brought us the promotion to the Bundesliga two years ago and international the game against Slovakia at the last WFC which unfortunately was narrowly lost.

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