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Huge win Falun exposes Dalen’s biggest weakness (+Highlights)

WIth 4 points (3+1) Alexander Galante Carlström played a pivotal role in Falun’s home win. Dalen, on the other hand, did not pass their first real test of the season after not being able to deal with Falun’s press and quick plays. The score ended 10-3 launching Falun to the #1 position in the ranking.

(Highlights at the bottom of the article)

With Dalen’s seemingly easy wins in their two earlier rounds against Linköping and Jönköping it was time for their first real test against last year’s runner up and floorball superpower Falun, who lost their first game against Storvreta in overtime but showed a lot of strength in their consecutive games (8-5 vs. Mullsjö and 10-5 vs. Linköping)

In Dalen’s first test of the season, they certainly answered some questions right as the first period was quite equal. Galante Carlström opened the score after his hard work in press paid off with a delayed rebound. Just minutes later Dalen showed another time it had a hard time dealing with Falun’s high pressure; this time it was Patrik Rokka to take advantage. Christoffer Andersson stood for Dalen’s reply when his sweepershot surprised Falun’s second goalkeeper Emil Lilja.

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However, Falun dominated the game in the middle period. The first goal by Falun again came from high press, painfully exposing one of Dalen’s weaknesses (at least this stage in) this season. Dalen answered with a goal from Lukas Harnesk but from there on it was play-time for Falun who completely outplayed Dalen’s defense. By the end of the period, the score was already 7-2 and the match seemed over. The final period was just a formality as Dalen was unable to bridge the gap. With more than half of Falun’s goals coming from the press or after a counter situation, it was clear Dalen has work to do if they want to make a claim to the Swedish Championship.


Featured image by Per Wiklund

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