23 October 2019
Highlights Swedish Superligan

Extremely effective Dalen beat Jönköping (+Highlights)

Dalen also won their second of the season by defeating Jönköping. The final score was 9-2.

With 23 shots on goal of which 9 goals, it was Dalen’s effectiveness that granted them the win. The team quickly took a 3-0 in the first period and only allowed Jönköping two shots on goal, which both were stopped. Jönköping never really got their feet into the game and only scored their first goal by the end of the second period, but then it was already 5-1. In the last period, the score was almost doubled to 9-2.

Top point scorer of the game was 22-year old Christoffer Andersson with 2+2.


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