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NEW RULES: These are the most important changes that will be implemented July 2018

In 2014 new rules were implemented globally which, for example, allowed the footpass. With a cycle of four years, it’s almost time for the rulebook to be updated. Here are the most important changes that will be implemented from July 2018.


Protective goggles
The IFF advises member associations to make mandatory the use of protective goggles for all players under 17 year. For players under 19, the IFF urges member states to advise them to this group.

Compression wear
Unless specified otherwise by national associations, visible parts of undershirts, undershorts, tights and compression wear will be the same color as the main color of the match uniform. An exception is legwear: here black is allowed, too.

Penalty shots
“The player taking the penalty shot may play the ball an unlimited number of times and shall follow a continuous movement towards the goal cage, but the ball has to be in a forward movement during the entire penalty shot. As soon as the goalkeeper has touched the ball, the player taking the penalty shot must not touch the ball again during the penalty shot. Continuous implies that the player and the ball are not allowed to come to a full stop or change direction away from the goal cage simultaneously.” If you are rewarded a penalty shot, the 2-minute penalty bench penalty is taken out from the rule book.

A couple of small changes including a free hit given if the face-off players make a foul but also the other players (standing closer than 3 meters, running over center line before whistle).

Pass to goalkeeper
Only if the ball, in the referees’ opinion, is played intentionally.

Some changes in smaller fouls

  • If someone hits the ball with his head it is no longer a 2-minute penalty but a free hit.
  • If a field player hits his opponent after raising his stick over his head, it was an automatic 5-minute penalty but now the referees have freedom to find the penalty they find fit.
  • If a team delays play it can result in a free hit by the opponent.



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