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Interview with Rikke Hansen – The Norwegian floorball prodigy

Meet Rikke Ingebrigtsli Hansen, 17, who’s considered one of Norway’s biggest floorball talents. Last season she placed third for points in the Norwegian top League – Elitserien.

Rikke, you’re currently playing for Tunet IBK, how did you perform last season?
Last season we won the Norwegian championship with both our junior and elite team, our junior team also won the Gothia Cup for the third year in a row.

These two included, you’ve won 6 Norwegian championships with Tunet. Why do you think that your club is so successful?
Here in Tunet our training culture is very strong, we begin training at an early age which results in us knowing each other well. By the time we start playing in the junior team we’ve already played together for 10 years.

You’re also quite famed as a player yourself, why do you think that you are where you are in floorball today?
I think that I am where I am today because I’ve always pushed myself to be as good a player as possible, and I’ve always set realistic goals for what I want to achieve. When I was 14 I challenged myself to go play with players from the biggest league in the entire world, and things like that have made me understand what it takes to become one of the best.

And do you have any tips for all the aspiring world-stars at home?
My best tip for anybody who wants to improve is to set high goals, but still making them reachable. I personally don’t know a better feeling than achieving something that you’ve been working on for a long time, and when you feel confident that you can do something you get new motivation to do even harder things. On top of it all is still to have fun though, if you’re not having fun you’ll never improve, making it impossible to succeed in doing your goals.

Last year you competed for the Norwegian national u19 team even though you were only 16 years old, tell me about that.
It might have been the most fun thing I’ve done in my entire career, I was one of the youngest players there, so it brought good practice and improvement. Playing an international match can’t be compared to playing in your normal division because there is nothing better that competing with the best players from your country against other countries.

The Norwegian girls U19 team is rated the fifth best in the world after the success 2016, do you think that you’ll be able to improve that this coming year, during the 2018 championship in Switzerland?
There are a lot of good players who are in the right age groups during our next championship, so I definitely believe that Norway reaching the semi-final is not improbable.

Earlier you told me that you put up goals for what you wanted to achieve in the future, but what is your biggest dream?
There are many things I want to achieve with my floorball, but maybe my biggest dream of all would be playing in the SSL someday, and even playing in the finals.

How do you think that you would achieve these dreams? That is to say, what small steps would you be taking to succeed in taking the bigger ones?
I’m starting my third season in the Elitserie so I’ll be able to complete my studies in Norway. Floorball is important to me but so is school, and after that only time will tell.

Finally, you have a Youtube account where you post floorball videos, why did you choose to start one?
One of the best things I know is practicing drills that I think are fun, and therefore I wanted to show others how easy it is to practice alone, I’ve gotten great feedback and I’ve seen others start doing the same.

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