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“Thailand and Singapore are two super fast-paced teams and Australia are very tough”

Christine Lindberg is one of team USA’s newer additions to the squad. With the World Floorball Championships 2019 upcoming, we decided to ask her some questions.

Christine Lindberg (21) started playing floorball when she was around six years old and had her national team debut in Belleville in 2016 and since then starred in two qualifier tournaments and WFC2017.

You’re currently living in Sweden. Could you explain where you’re playing and how everything is going?

I do live in Sweden and have lived here all my life. I play for the same team as I have since I started playing at a young age. We play in Stockholm’s women’s division 1 league. At the moment we’re in 5th place.

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Christine Lindberg 

How did the national team find you, or how did you find them (since you live abroad)?

My mom is American and had been a competitive athlete all her life in the United States. She got the idea from a friend here in Sweden to check if there was a floorball association in the USA since I am a citizen. She later got in contact with Anders Buvarp when I was 16 years old.

How has the road to the tournament been and what was the biggest challenge you faced? How is your personal and team preparation for the WFC?

We qualified after playing two games against Canada last spring and we have since had training camp here in Sweden. Outside of playing with the national team, I have been doing personal preparations playing with my team here in Sweden.

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Christine Lindberg 

Our biggest challenge and what was most important to us was winning those qualifying games against Canada.

You play against Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. What are your goals in this group, and what do you think of the opponents?

Thailand and Singapore are two super fast-paced teams and Australia are very tough. We will have to work very hard and of course, our goal is to win every game.

Christine Lindberg
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