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Fantastic performance Australia but Poland to the quarterfinals

Poland, third in their group met Australia, second in theirs, to play for a ticket to the quarterfinals. And the teams offered the audience true value for money. The highly entertaining match ended up 10-3 for Poland.

The Australian fans, who traveled half the world to watch this crucial playoff match witnessed a truly spectacular match in which Australia gave everything they had, right from the start. The game started off in the best way for Australia, who from the start showed they were in it to win it. The energy they put in the game visibly shook the Polish players which forced a foul on the Polish side. The penalty shot was missed, but after the face-off, Isabelle Newland managed to score on a rebound from a shot. The scene was set for a spectacular match. The game went on, going back and forth and Poland managed to score twice at the end of period one. The Polish were visibly relieved and had a bit of breathing room going into the first break.

Poland quickly took a 3-1 lead at the start of the second period which marked the beginning of an intense and hugely entertaining period. Australia managed to bring back the score to 3-2 which was followed by the 4-2 of Poland, short-handed. It wasn’t the only 2-minute penalty for the Polish team who received no less than 6 penalty minutes this period. It was in the same 2-minute penalty in which Poland scored their goal, that Australia retaliated to score the 4-3, trailing Poland. However, Dominika Buczek scored the 5-3 for Poland which was the final of this period.

It has to be said: the Australian audience was amazing this match and were for sure one of the reasons why their team performed so well. The next point would be very important. Instead of the 5-4, the goal fell by a Polish stick, the 6-3 was signed by Katarzyna Rogala who netted her second goal of the day. After this, the Australians didn’t give up but the gap was simply too much. A couple of Polish goals set the final score: 10-3. Poland had won but the Australian team could leave the hall with their heads high after a fantastic performance.


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