WFCQ 2018

Sweden’s win against France biggest in their history

Photo: Per Wiklund

Last night’s 43-1 win from Sweden over France was a historic victory. Never had the country won with bigger numbers than last night’s victory against France.

It was France to have the ‘honor’ of being at the receiving end of Sweden’s historic victory. Increasing their goal production every period (11 – 15 – 17) the team was an unstoppable force for the French. When the final whistle was blown, Sweden had defeated France with 43-1 which crushed their old record of 39-1 against Australia in the Helsinki WFC of 2010. The victory is also Sweden’s first victory with over 40 goals.

Swedish goal scorers and assists
Kim Nilsson 2 goals + 7 assists
Rasmus Enström 5+3
André Andersson 5+3
Tobias Gustafsson 3+5
Gustav Fritzell 4+3
Alexander Hallén 3+4
Albin Sjögren 5+1
Robin Nilsberth 5+1
Casper Backby 2+4
Ludwig Persson 1+4
Kasper Hedlund 2+2
Markus Jonsson 1+3
Sebastian Palmqvist 3+0
Rasmus Sundstedt 1+2
Joel Dagman 1+1

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