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In yesterday’s game against Latvia, Anna Wijk reached a milestone: she scored her 74th WFC point and became all-time WFC top point scorer. We take a closer look at her 77 points! Wijk has scored her points in 33 games in total, starting in 2009. With 20+57 in total, it’s clear she’s more a passer […]
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All the facts of group B of the WFC2019 Neuchatel. Read – The 5 most successful countries in the Women WFC [Patron Only] Sweden Current Ranking: 1Result Previous WFC: 1First WFC Appearance: 1999WFC Participations so far: 11 Best Result: 1 (2017, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2003, 1997) Most points last edition Emelie Wibron: 12+13=25 […]
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Cornelia Fjellstedt (Sweden) will play her third WFC and is on the hunt for her third gold medal after Tampere (2015) and Bratislava (2017). Cornelia Fjellstedt has played in the Swedish national team for many years and is at the same time one of IKSU’s core players, a team that has consistently been at the […]
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The WFC of 2019 starts soon and here at FloorballToday we are busy with the preparations. What does this mean? Contacting players for interviews, looking at all the facts and figures of past editions and taking a deep dive into the history of floorball. Note: there is no footage available from the first WFCs since […]
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When executed well, the slapshot is the fastest shot in floorball. Where do the speed and power come from? That’s what I’m gonna dive into today, helped by ice hockey and… physics! Fact: in 2011, the record for the hardest ice hockey shot was broken: Denis Kulyash (Russia) managed to shoot with a speed of […]