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The list of the world’s 10 best floorball players of 2017 has been published, featuring 5 Swedes, 4 Finns, and 1 Swiss! The list was made by Innebandymagazinet together with national team coaches and international media.

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10. My Kippilä, Finland & KAIS Mora IF (6)

Photo: IFF

KAIS Mora’s defender and penalty specialist My Kippilä can once again be found in the top 10 list, however this year 4 steps lower than in 2016. The 21-year-old has despite her age several years of experience as a top player in SSL and the Finnish national team. This season she finished at 10th place in the scoring league with 43 points (20+23).

9. Tiltu Siltanen, Finland & SB-Pro ( – )

Photo: IFF

Finland’s 1989-born goalkeeper Tiltu Siltanen makes her first entry to the top 10 list after a great year both with SB-Pro in the Salibandyliiga and the Finnish national team.

8. Amanda Delgado Johansson, Sweden & IKSU ( – )

Photo: Per Wiklund

IKSU’s Amanda Delago Johansson wrote floorball history at the end of 2017 when she once again won the WFC gold for Sweden by scoring the deciding penalty, just like in 2015. Back in April the 22-year old won her first SSL-gold with IKSU, and are currently going for the 2nd one after finishing at 2nd place in the table. With her 32 goals and 27 assists, she finished at 3rd place in the scoring league this season.

7. Nina Rantala, Finland & SC Classic (2)

Photo: IFF

Finland’s and SC Classic’s captain Nina Rantala falls down to 7th place after being ranked 2nd best in the world in 2016. She’s nevertheless a key player for her team, not only with her skills on the field but also her role as a leader.

6. Sara Hjorting, Sweden & Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (3)

Photo: Per Wiklund

The world’s best goalkeeper is Pixbo Wallenstam’s Sara Hjorting. The 31-year old announced that she would make her final WFC tournament for Sweden in December of last year, which she and Sweden won after a thrilling shootout in the final against Finland. After saving the final penalty, Hjorting became the hero for her country and got a perfect ending to her national team career.

5. Anna Wijk, Sweden & KAIS Mora IF (1)

Photo: Per Wiklund

After 3 consecutive years as the #1, Anna Wijk is ranked as the 5th best in 2017. In September of 2017, she took over as captain of the Swedish national team and won the World Championships a few months later. This season she finished at 2nd place in the SSL scoring league with her stunning 22 goals and 42 assists.

4. Moa Tschöp, Sweden & Täby FC IBK (7)

Photo: IFF

Täby FC’s 26-year old defender has been at the top for a long time but took yet another big step in her improvement in 2017. With her 24 goals and 52 (!) assists she became the Swedish Super League’s top scorer of the season, something that we rarely see a defender do.

3. Corin Rüttimann, Switzerland & Piranha Chur (4)

Switzerland’s sniper Corin Rüttimann left IKSU for Swiss Piranha Chur after winning the Swedish championships in the spring of last year. At December’s WFC she stood for a historical performance against the Czech Republic in the bronze game. She scored all 3 goals in the 3-2 win – one of which made her the all-time greatest WFC scorer.

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2. Emelie Wibron, Sweden & IKSU (5)

IKSU’s defender giant Emelie Wibron takes her best ranking ever after a great 2017; SSL-gold with IKSU in the spring followed by WFC-gold with Sweden in December. After a great performance throughout the entire WFC-tournament with 25 points in 6 games, she was awarded the MVP price.

1. Veera Kauppi, Finland & Koove ( – )

Photo: IFF
From not even in the top 10 to the best of the world in 1 year – the growth Veera Kauppi has had in 2017 year is truly something special. After a great tournament at the WFC 2017, conversations were being held about the 20-year old taking over Wijk’s spot as #1. Despite her age, she’s already participated in the World Floorball Championships twice. If she can keep up her level and improvement, and if injuries won’t get in the way, Kauppi might just eventually go down as the best player of all time.


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