Swedish Superligan

Fail of the year? AIK player’s own goal + red card could lead to relegation

AIK and Höllviken, two teams with the risk of relegation played each other for 3 crucial points. After being in a 6-4 lead with 9 minutes to go, AIK let in 3 straight goals and were suddenly down a goal with 5 minutes to go. As per usual, they took out their goalkeeper to play 6v5 in the last few minutes.

When a Höllviken player took a backhand shot toward the empty net, the ball slowly made its way toward the goal, and could’ve easily been stopped by AIK defender Kevin Lieback Asp. But with some pressure from Höllviken’s forward Johannes Wilhelmsson, the nerves got to the 25-year old who messed up and let the ball in, extending Höllviken’s lead to 6-8.

Out of frustration, Lieback Asp smashed his stick against the rink which caused it to break, resulting in an immediate red card for him. Instead of being 1 goal away from a comeback, they were now 2 goals away, and with a man disadvantage.

Höllviken ended up winning the game and could secure their SSL contract, while leaving AIK hoping for a miracle in order for them to stay in the Swedish Super League.

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