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Bad season start continues for Linköping after visit from Falun (+Highlights)

Linköping hasn’t won a single game yet, after three tries. Against Falun, the team could keep up until halfway: 5-10.

In its first game of the season, the home team lost in overtime, while game #2 against Dalen was lost with 2-7. The start of this game against last year’s finalist Falun was promising: Matej Jendrisak scored 1-0 in the third minute. However, Falen turned around the score through Malte Lundmark and Alexander Galante Carlström, but Jesper Alm equalized shortly after.

The game went back and forth as Falun took the lead again, saw Linköping tie, took the lead again – and saw Linköping equalize the score again (4-4). At that time, Falun’s Alexander Hallén had already started his hunt for a hattrick, which he would complete in the third period when he would score 5-9.

In between, Falun’s Wettergren, Emil Johansson and (again) Galante Carlström had increased Falun’s lead already. The only goal Linköping managed to score in the second half of the game was during powerplay.

Falun climbed up to second place in the ranking, while Linköping is at eleventh place.


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