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German surprises in double competition round | Kimmo blogs

It was the first double-feature of the German League to hit us just this last weekend. Most of the teams had back-to-back games planned so all-in-all a heavy weekend for all.

“Let me just go down through the games one by one.  

Red Devils Wernigerode – DJK Holzbüttgen 10-8

Perhaps a little surprising, it was the battle at the bottom of the league. Not too many expected these two teams to be dueling for the questionable honor of finding themselves at the bottom of the table. The match was a mixed bag for both teams as Wernigerode took the first two periods 9-5 with the Finn Joonas Poutanen (6+3) leading the charge. This forced DJK to change their tactics and go back to playing with 2 blocks and giving the youngsters a break. This seemed to work as DJK took charge in the last period outshooting their opponents by a large margin. Slowly but surely DJK caught up and with 9min still to play, it was already 9-8. It was not to be, however, as the hosts secured their first points for the season by scoring an empty-netter with just 31sec to go.  

SSF Dragons Bonn – Schriesheim 10-7

This meeting was all about the two newly promoted teams to match-up for the first time this season. Both teams have started well and are finding themselves mid-table. It was always going to be a tough match. In the end, it was Bonn who kept the points in Bonn sending Schriesheim home to prepare for their next game home against Kaufering.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – Floor Fighters Chemnitz 4-14

Just last year, these two teams were battling it out in the middle of the table. Some things have changed though… Where Kaufering seems to be struggling to find their form, it is Chemnitz that certainly upped their game.  So as Kaufering was preparing to host the in-form Chemnitz, they knew they were going to have their hands full. Kaufering did start the game with a positive note, leaving people to wonder if they’ve managed to turn the tide. The game was played barely 5min when they were already up by 2. However, perhaps this was the kick-start Chemnitz needed. In just 9 minute period they scored 6 goals. After this, the game was pretty much decided. After all said and done, it was the guests from Chemnitz that completed their dismantling of the hosts with a large margin.  

ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels 5-9

Where Piranhhas have certainly decided to make their mark on the league this year, and having had an impressive start, Weißenfels has not really missed a beat themselves. True to their historical form, the UHC has yet to lose a game and have established themselves at the leaders of the pack. It seemed already that Weißenfels would just run away with the points as they slowly but surely edged out ahead goal after goal. The second period was nearly 5min old until the host found the net. However, this was not to be their day as Weißenfels just kept on marching ahead. With the second period ending, it was already 2-8 for the guests. The end result 9-5 was probably what most people were expecting, perhaps apart from the most dedicated of Hamburg fans.  

Gameday #4

It was not even a day later and the teams were up at it again. Speaking from personal experience, arriving at 3am from the previous game and having to prepare for the next game later the same day, it is not fun. I can only imagine what it is for the players.  

TV Schriesheim – VfL Red Hocks Kaufering 8-5

The promoted Schriesheim have already established themselves in the middle of the table and today it was the struggling Kaufering that came to visit. Once again Kaufering had a positive start with taking the lead and extending it with only 3 minutes played and some 6 minutes later and it was already 3-0 for the guests. Could this be the start of something new? It looked like it as 2 minutes played in the second period, they were already up 4-1. Could we be witnessing a turnaround of fortunes? Unfortunately, no. TV Schriesheim finally got their motor running and were already leading the game by the end of the 2nd period. Marco Tobisch still raised the hopes of the guests by drawing the level at the beginning of the 3rd, but it were the hosts that scored the next three, therefore securing the 3 points for themselves.

UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – Red Devils Wernigerode 10-6

This is a matchup that we are used to seeing as the finalists in the German league over the years. However, this year seems more of the same for Weißenfels whereas Wernigerode has been seeing more of the other end of the table than they have… well ever. The game itself seems to have developed at a relatively even level up until about 5 minutes into the 3rd period. As the Swede Philip Andersson brought Wernigerode still into striking distance at 5-4, it was all still up for grabs. At this point, it was Weißenfels that took the driver’s seat and simply took off. The end result was 10-6 for the hosts.

DJK Holzbüttgen – SSF Dragons Bonn 9-8

Just two years ago, these two teams were battling it out in the 2nd Bundesliga. Now, two years later, it was the first time these two teams would match up again. It was a thriller for the 200 or so in the audience. The loud fans from both teams were there to support their own and were treated to an action-packed match. It was Bonn that got the better start into the game and were up by 2 before DJK got to the scoring-sheets. After this, the goals were pretty much traded at an even pace. By end of 2nd period, it was Bonn up by 6 goals to 5. As Bonn extended their lead 5 minutes into the 3rd period, it was an uphill battle for the hosts. DJK slowly caught up by scoring 2 goals within 30 seconds. The host hopes were already raised for the first points of the season as Niklas Bröker took DJK to the lead for the first time with only 3 minutes to play. Bonn, however, was not shaken and only 7 seconds later scored their equalizer. Finally, it was left to the local boy Nils Hofferbert to let the fans out of their suspense by scoring the winning goal with 28 seconds to go. After the game, having scored the first 3 points of the season, the elation was visible on the faces of the players.

MFBC Leipzig – Berlin Rockets 9-6

The reigning champions Leipzig have not started the season perhaps with the dominance some expected. Nevertheless, despite dropping points against Hamburg, they are off to a solid start. On this day, it was Berlin that came to visit and hoping to achieve what Hamburg did just a week earlier. This was not to be however as marched on to a convincing victory.  

Current Standings after 4 games played.

Pl.TeamGamesWDLOvertime WinOvertime LossGoalsDiff.Points
1UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels44000039:192012
2Floor Fighters Chemnitz33000033:15189
3MFBC Leipzig32010024:2046
4ETV Piranhhas Hamburg32010024:2136
5TV Schriesheim42020022:27-56
6SSF Dragons Bonn41021029:2905
7Berlin Rockets31010113:16-34
8Red Devils Wernigerode41030024:32-83
9DJK Holzbüttgen41030026:36-103
10VfL Red Hocks Kaufering40040013:32-190


Scoring leaders

#PlayerTeamGamesGAP2′5′10′Red Cards
1Weißkirchen, FlorianSSF Dragons Bonn4117181000
2Kivinen, JuhoFloor Fighters Chemnitz3113140000
3Poutanen, JoonasRed Devils Wernigerode386140000
4Hofferbert, NilsDJK Holzbüttgen494131000
5Temel, SafakSSF Dragons Bonn485130000
6Kühl, Flemming PerETV Piranhhas Hamburg393121000
7Laurila, NiklasUHC Sparkasse Weißenfels448120000
8Künnecke, FelixTV Schriesheim465111000
9Hoffmann, JonasUHC Sparkasse Weißenfels482100000
10Backman, HenryUHC Sparkasse Weißenfels47292000

Now we will be taking some time off in the first league in Germany with the next games scheduled only towards the end of October. I will see if there is something interesting to write up in the next coming weeks. Until then… take care and see you around,

Cheers, Kimmo”

Kimmo Vallema blogs about his floorball experiences in Germany. Want to know more about him? Click here to read his introduction article.

Kimmo Vallema

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