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Another weekend another round and story is starting to emerge. It is a story with a rather familiar plot with the usual suspects. Weißenfels marching from victory to victory followed closely by Leipzig…or is it the other way around…No matter, 5 games 5 wins leaves little room for interpretation. Holzbüttgen is however keen to join the party with 5 victories of their own.

At the other end of the table, it is a story that is far too familiar for Wernigerode. Fallen from grace last year as they were struggling to stay in the league, they are still without a point in the league. Another team struggling pointswise is Kaufering, however having already met the top 3 teams this season, their tide might be turning rather soon.

So let us take a look at the busy weekend.


Berlin Rockets – MFBC Leipzig 5:7

If last season for Berlin was a disaster with a relegation looming, this season has brought some hope again. Having forced a draw with Chemnitz, losing to MFBC by only 2 goals can be counted as quite an achievement.
What seems to be like quite a clean game with neither team conceding penalties, it was fought at an even-level throughout the game. Both teams winning a period each, it was however Leipzig in the end that took the points, even though at a smaller margin than was perhaps expected. 7 goals against the reigning champions is something you can not really afford.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – DJK Holzbüttgen 9:10

Kaufering has been putting some seriously good results against both Weißenfels and Leipzig this season. Therefore, despite the 4-0 run of DJK to start the season, this was anything but a done deal.

After a rather subdued performance only broken by the lone goal by the junior Niklas Stammen, it was DJK that took the first period as Kaufering seemed to find it difficult to break through the DJK defences.

Second period was already a sign of what more was to come as both teams tallied 7 goals together…once again DJK getting the better of it by scoring 4 against the 3 of Kaufering. With a score now at 3-5 for the visitors, but the hosts showing signs of finding weaknesses in DJK defence, the third period was always going to be exciting.

Little did the 110 strong know before the third period started, the all the hell was about to break loose. What happened next is something not a lot will forget in a hurry. 11 goals in the 20 minutes with the hosts getting close and DJK quickly answering…nevertheless as there was still 4 minutes to play and Marco Tobisch brought the hosts within one goal it was all still for grabs. It was once again the time for the juniors to take charge and as Niklas Stammen (4+0) extended the lead once again to two. In the end it was the time running out for Kaufering and despite pulling within striking distance with a goal from Martin Rieß, there was only 16 seconds left in the clock which the DJK then ran out.

In the end Kaufering once again showed they are force to be reckoned with and despite having started the seson 0-4, there is still more to come. They succesfully managed to break down the DJK defence many times and was it not for the deadly efficiency from DJK-side, the game could have easily ended up the other way around.

Red Hocks Kaufering – DJK Holzbüttgen 9-10 (Oct 3 2020) (Photo: Martin Finkenzeller)

SC DHfK Leipzig – Blau-Weiß 96 Schenefeld 10-6

The “Other” Leipzig, aka SC DHFk Leipzig scored their first points in the first Bundesliga at the expense of Schenefeld.

Even if Schenefeld started strong and were already up by three goals, Leipzig on the night was not to be stopped. With 7 goals in the second period, it was Schenefeld still holding to the lead with the narrowest of margins. This is where Schenefeld then found the extra missing so far in this season. Winning the last period 6-1 it left Schenefeld in the dust. With 10-6 victory, the maiden-points for Leipzig in the table and suddenly the world does not look that bad at all.

SSF Dragons Bonn – Floor Fighters Chemnitz 6:7

In a heated mid-table battle the two teams were battling it out evenly for pretty much the whole game. Whenever Chemnitz took the lead, it did not take long until Bonn drew it even again. This is the way the game progressed until mid-point of the last period.

As the game only had some 7 minutes to go, Jakub Holes took Bonn to the lead for the first time of the game. However Chemnitz drew the game with just over 2 minutes still to play. If anyone was expecting the teams to just secure a point and force an overtime, they were to be mistaken.

At 18.54 mark of the period, it looked like the time for Bonn had come as Chemnitz got a penalty and the Bonn Powerplay unit got into action. However, the time was running out….but that is not all she wrote! With 12 seconds to it was Jakub Holes that got himself on the game-protocol…just in the wrong column as he scored himself 2 minutes in the sinbin. With 4 on 4 and only 12 seconds to go….just win the faceoff, secure the ball….and if you see a riskless chance, take a shot…otherwise overtime. Well Gustav Peters from Chemnitz did not seem to think so as he shot the game-winner only 3 seconds later.

Bonn 6, Chemnitz 7…..and the points travel to Chemnitz.

UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 7:6

And the 3 points go to Weißenfels….what a surprise…..wait what? Weißenfels nearly lost it. With only 6 minutes to play, they were actually behind 5:6 in their own hall. This is where Kummunmäki took charge and just refused to take a loss. With 3 goals and an assist, the secured the all-too-common victory for Weißenfels.

Hamburg however was oh so close to continuing their streak. Having had no losses until the day, the team must feel rather confident at this stage of season. However with only 4 teams going into the play-offs this season (last year 6 out of 10 did….well were planned anyway), and now 4 out of 12…all the points are immeasurable and getting so close must sting a little.

Tables after 5 rounds of competition

As there is going to be now small break from the league-action, it looks like a gang of three has started to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. MFBC Leipzig, Weißenfels and Holzbüttgen all so far with a clean record, but all having close-enough calls already to make life interesting.

At the same time, alarm-bells must be ringing loud in Wernigerode…or did they ever stop since last season. Kaufering is very much in the same boat but judging by their performances against all of the top-3 so far, they just might be breathing a little easier.


After 5 rounds of competition, it is Samuli Granlund of Leipzig that has once again taken charge followed closely by Janos Bröker (DJK) who happens to be leading the assist-stats in the league.

The leading scorers at the moment can also be found at DJK with Nils Hofferbert sharing the honors with the 17yo Niklas Stammen. Both with 11 goals each, having a stellar start to the season.

I had a quick chance to chat with Niklas Stammen on the way back from the game against Kaufering (the things you do when facing an 8h busdrive one-way). As I tried to understand what has really changed since last season he quietly contributed it mostly to self-confidence. Having had a good off-season preparation and managing to secure his position in the line-up, he truly has taken advantage of the opportunity. “Of course playing with the national team players like Janos Bröker and Torben Kleinhans, makes it so much easier for me!” .

What’s next?

Even if the teams are having a rest from the league-action, there’s no rest for the weary. It is CUP-time! Here is a schedule of what is to come already this upcoming weekend.

As much as we would love to see as many people as possible in the audience, please do contact the hosting-teams and see what the Corona-regulations at each place are. Perhaps some of these games are going to be streamed as well so we will get our floorball-fix even if we cannot flock to the halls.

In the meanwhile, stay safe and healthy and see you around!


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