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First half of the season concludes | Kimmo blogs

“The last round of the “first round” of competition was fought this past weekend. What I mean by this is that now, all teams have met each other once and this coming week is the start of the second round. So, if you played at home, now you will be away. Since the league is only 2 rounds, once home once away, this will then conclude the regular season somewhere around March. Throw in the Cup-games and the Final4 tournament for the last 4 teams in Cup, and you will have a relatively full schedule for the next couple of months.

Lessons learned

So what have we learned so far? Weißenfels is the team to beat, and Kaufering is the team being beaten about. What has been quite an evenly matched league so far, is starting to show up some cracks as the top4 teams are starting to separate them from the rest. Remember it is the top6 that will make it to playoffs whilst the bottom 4 will be battling for their survival.

Just as a reminder, it is the top2 after the regular season that get a bye in the first round of playoffs, somewhat of a blessing in disguise as the teams get a break of around a month from competition to recover from injuries, but at the same time miss out on competitive play and be in danger of losing their edge. For the bottom 4 it is a battle where 7th will meet 10th and 8th will meet 9th in a series of best of 3 matches. The winners are safe, the losers will battle it out again in a best of 3 series to see who goes down direct and who gets to duke it out against the 2nd best of what 2nd Bundesliga has to offer.

So back to the results of the last weekend.

Berlin Rockets – Red Devils Wernigerode 5:4 (ot)

Both teams desperate for points in hope of evading the playdowns, must have felt a little disappointed for the game that ended up going into overtime. In the end it was Berlin that squashed the hopes of Wernigerode as 2 minutes into the overtime Jami Savolainen (3+1) fed Frederik Bonk to break the tie leaving the 2 points for overtime win with the host team.

TV Schriesheim – DJK Holzbüttgen 5:6

DJK willing to secure their playoff position a little earlier than last year was keen to take on the promoted team Schriesheim in their own hall. TV Schriesheim, up until now had been undefeated in their home but DJK was determined to put a stop to this. The first 2 periods were clearly taken by DJK as they outshot their opponents by a 2:1 margin, testing the frames of the goals on multiple occasions.

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DJK (Photo: Andreas Klüppelberg)

With the game 2:6 for DJK going into the third period, Schriesheim finally caught a break as DJK started sending one player after another to the penalty box. This gave the hosts the opportunity they needed and in a space of 7 minutes, they had narrowed the gap to 5:6. Unfortunately for the hosts, more was not to come as DJK decided to rather play on the field than in the penalty box and were able to fend off the advances of hungry Schriesheim. The end result 5:6 for DJK meant that they were able to open up a 5-point gap between them and the 5th place Piranhhas. The “man of the match” for DJK was surely Niklas Bröker with his 4 goal evening.

MFBC Leipzig – SSF Dragons Bonn 10:3

The reigning champions Leipzig received Bonn in their home and decided not to meekly play the part of a gracious host. With a 10-3 victory over the promoted Dragons, they left no doubt on whether they are up to the challenge of defending their title. Surely Leipzig as the champions could muster more than 103 spectators though??

UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – Floor Fighters Chemnitz 10:6

The train called Weißenfels just seems unstoppable. The team “most improved since last season”, Chemnitz have themselves had a remarkable start to the season and can already start looking at a playoff position. In front of nearly 300 spectators, it was the Weißenfels juggernaut that simply took charge and after taking the lead for the second time in the middle of the first period, simply never gave it away. 3 points to Weißenfels and even mathematics can no longer stop them from being in the playoffs – again.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 6:3

It took them half a season, but they did it in the end. Kaufering scored their first win of the season. This came at the expense of struggling Piranhhas who have not managed to win a single game since their opening tally of 2 wins at the start of the season. Kaufering still needs nearly a miracle to climb up the tables to avoid playdowns, however. Although anything is possible since it is only 7 points that separate the last from the 5th. For Piranhhas alarm-bells must be ringing loud by now. Having suffered a number of overtime losses lately, they have to up their game should they want to avoid the dreaded playdowns.

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Kaufering (Photo: Martin Finkenzeller)


Top scorer’s list

Match schedule

See you at the games!


Kimmo Vallema blogs about his floorball experiences in Germany. Want to know more about him? Click here to read his introduction article.

Kimmo Vallema


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