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Bundesliga heats up as Xmas approaches – Round 7 | Kimmo blogs

Kimmo was down with the man-flu, but we’re happy to announce he’s back with another update of the German Bundesliga!

“With all the national-team and cup-games breaks, it has been quiet on the Bundesliga -front for a while. As a result, there are some games to be played… so last weekend was a start of a furious “catch-up” in the league as there will be games played more or less every weekend until Xmas (Cup being the last one on 21st of December).

So here come the results of the last weekend… Sorry for the delay… I was down with the man-flu…so about to die you know…

ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – SSF Dragons Bonn 6:7 (ot)

Bonn has faced some challenges getting going after a good start so they were definitely looking to shake things up somewhat and claw their way back up the table and hopefully away from those dreaded playdown-places.

For Piranhhas it has been pretty consistent when it comes to the results. Even winning against the reigning champions Leipzig has certainly boosted their confidence.

“Well, we were hoping for an interesting season and it seems we’re getting one.”

So as the game started it was really up for grabs. It was mostly Piranhhas on the driving seat for most of the game as they were leading the game pretty much throughout. However they were never really able to pull away and as the last period turned towards the end, so did the numbers; Bonn was able to fight back and secure overtime with some 3 minutes to play.

It was a penalty some 30sec into overtime that doomed Piranhhas’ hopes for a win. It took around 1min of Powerplay before Bonn capitalized and secured 2 points that might turn out to be very important at the end of the season.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – Red Devils Wernigerode 4:4 (ot)

This was a battle that both teams did not anticipate at the start of the season. Instead of battling it out at the top, both teams find themselves at the wrong end of the table.

It was, however, Kaufering that was able to score their first points of the season in front of a good 270 spectator home-crowd. At the same time, the situation for Wernigerode seems to just not be able to get things going for them. Apart from their wins over DJK and Bonn at earlier parts of the season, they have not really managed to show anything worthy of a play-off position. Having said that, due to the extremely even league, apart from the first two teams, anything is still possible.

(Article continues below photo)

Red Hocks Kaufering – Red Devils Wernigerode (Photo: Martin Finkenzeller / Facebook RD Wernigerode)

Floor Fighters Chemnitz – TV Schriesheim 12:4

Schriesheim has certainly established their position in mid-table and were perhaps hoping to up their game a little as they traveled to visit Chemnitz. The only problem was that someone forgot to tell the hosts.

Chemnitz quickly took charge and were having none of it. The end result pretty much covers it as to whether the points would stay in Chemnitz was never really in doubt.

MFBC Leipzig – UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels 4:5

The first of the two meets of these two teams in the 4 weeks prior to Xmas took place in Leipzig. Both teams well-placed to lay claim on the coveted top two positions guaranteeing a bye in the first round of playoffs. Coincidentally these two teams are going to match up again on the 21st of December in a duel for the place in the final 6 in the German Cup.

The game itself was tightly contested with the hosts mostly leading the game. It took Weißenfels til the last few minutes of the last period before they were able to turn the game. With some 3min to play, they drew even and to add insult to injury, scored the game-winner only 69seconds later.

So it is Weißenfels that continue their tour-de-force being the only undefeated team in the league. Will this give them a slight edge as they go at it again, also in Leipzig, in the Cup good 3 weeks from now.

Berlin Rockets – DJK Holzbüttgen 7:9

Where Berlin has slowly been slipping on the tables, DJK has been slowly crawling up to meet up with the expectations. I was unable to be there for the game, but what I understand it was not really pretty quality-of-game -wise.

When it was DJK pressuring, it was Berlin that was able to capitalize on nearly everything at the start. Therefore it was perhaps somewhat of a surprise that it was the hosts that were leading 4-1 by end of the first period.

Now I do not know what was said in the dressing-room during the intermission, but it did seem to help as DJK started to cut into the deficit a goal after goal.  By the end of the 2nd period, it was DJK that had not only caught up but with the help of a successful penalty-shot by Torben Kleinhans, taken the lead 5-6.

This was a lead that DJK was determined not to give up and even if the goals fell on both sides, it was DJK in the end that claimed the valuable 3 points to themselves and jumped into 4th place in the league.

Here is the table as it stands after 7 played games for each time (pictures courtesy of German Floorball Federation).

Ranking German Bundesliga

Here also the top-scorers in the league as of now.

Current top scorers German Bundesliga

Here the current scorer-list for the cup.

Current top scorers German cup

The next games

Upcoming games

As you can see, there are some interesting matchups again. Bonn – Kaufering is a battle of avoiding the bottom part of the table whereas DJK – Chemnitz is about seeing who comes on top. Wernigerode will host Leipzig and will definitely be facing an uphill battle. As will Berlin when they travel to the unbeaten Weißenfels. Not to forget the Piranhhas/Schriesheim -match in the mid-table where the match will definitely be vital to both teams.

Oh, who am I kidding…with the exceptions of Weißenfels that seem unstoppable and Kaufering don’t seem to get anything going their way….everything else is open. Yes, perhaps Chemnitz has also pulled apart a little…but there are only 3 points separating the DJK in fourth place and Bonn in the 9th…and only 6points if you include Leipzig in third.

Well, we were hoping for an interesting season and it seems we’re getting one.

I will repeat my offer for a drink for anyone that comes to me during DJK – Chemnitz -game as a first-time visitor to a floorball-game. The numbers of spectators I have seen lately in the games are slightly better, but we can surely do more!



Kimmo Vallema blogs about his floorball experiences in Germany. Want to know more about him? Click here to read his introduction article.

Kimmo Vallema


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