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Kimmo offers a free drink as 1st Bundesliga marches on (Round 5) | Kimmo blogs

Kimmo is here to bring you the latest updates from round 5 of the German Bundesliga.

“After a short hiatus as the national teams were busy, the teams in the first Bundesliga got a breather – well, apart from the Cup-competitions – only to return to action this past weekend once again. All of the teams were busy again, some even twice over the weekend so it was exciting to see what develops.


Here first all of the results of the weekend:


ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Red Devils Wernigerode 5:2

Piranhhas from Hamburg decided to deepen the already troublesome start of the season for the Red Devils from Wernigerode. Some 250 people saw the home-team victorious over the Red Devils more accustomed to being at the other end of the table.

Berlin Rockets – Floor Fighters Chemnitz 3:5

Chemnitz continued its magnificent run by taking down Berlin 5-3. The game was decided fairly early as the guests were on the driving seat from the start of the game and finally ran away with it in the third period by taking it 1-4. The goal by Berlin some 3 seconds before the end was not enough to do anything but pretty up the numbers in the end.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – DJK Holzbüttgen 5:13

In the third game, it was a meet between Kaufering and Holzbüttgen. Both having a lackluster start to the campaign eager to prove themselves. The hosts did open the scoring with some 13 minutes into the game, but after that, it was Holzbüttgen that was on the driving seat. Unfortunately, I was due to a family emergency not able to attend, but based on the commentary it seemed relatively one-way street as the guests ran away with the points leaving the hosts at the bottom of the table yet to score points in the 19-20 campaign.

MFBC Leipzig – TV Schriesheim 8:6

Schriesheim being one of the promoted teams has had a decent enough start to the season. They were still undoubtedly an underdog as they traveled to visit the odds-on favorite for the title, Leipzig. The valiant effort by the guests was not to be however as the hosts sealed their victory with 9 sec before the end goal… ensuring the points would remain with Leipzig. Promising signs for Schriesheim, and why not other teams as well, that the favorite for the title is perhaps not so unassailable as once thought.

Floor Fighters Chemnitz – MFBC Leipzig 6:7

As the Sunday dawned it was another round of games for most of the teams. The very first of these was the duel between Leipzig and Chemnitz. Both having a good start to the season it was interesting to see if Chemnitz would be able to challenge the title-candidate. That they did… and in spades.

As it seemed that Leipzig was already back in their bus with 3 points with only 11min played from the second period and with 6-0 lead in the game, Chemnitz woke up. Before soon, the game was 6-6 and 4min to play. Chemnitz had staged a comeback of the season. Alas, it was not to be. It was Samuli Granlund that broke the tie and despite furious attempts at a comeback, it was not to be. Leipzig took the points with them.

Berlin Rockets – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 8:6

In Berlin, it was another mid-table rumble as the Rockets hosted Piranhhas from Hamburg. Also here it was tighter than it perhaps should have been. Berlin was already up 7-1 towards the end of the second period. In the next 13min of playing, it was suddenly 7-6 for the hosts. As the guests were trying to take the game to the overtime, it was Jami Savolainen from Berlin that put the decider in some 16 seconds before the end of the game thus ensuring an 8-6 victory fo Berlin.  

SSF Dragons Bonn – UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels 2:7

Last but not least, it was Bonn against Weißenfels. The UHC has certainly been the dominant force in the league so far and they did not disappoint this time either. With 7-2 win over the promoted Bonn, they solidified their position on the top of the league with no points-losses so far.


So the table after 5 rounds of competition, looks like this:

1UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels55000046:212515
2Floor Fighters Chemnitz54010044:251912
3MFBC Leipzig54010039:32712
4ETV Piranhhas Hamburg53020035:3149
5Berlin Rockets52020124:27-37
6DJK Holzbüttgen52030039:41-26
7TV Schriesheim52030028:35-76
8SSF Dragons Bonn51031031:36-55
9Red Devils Wernigerode51040026:37-113
10VfL Red Hocks Kaufering50050018:45-270

Round #6

Next round is already upon us as the following matches will be played this weekend:

02.11.2019 18:00 Chemnitz, Schlossteichhalle Floor Fighters Chemnitz – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg
02.11.2019 18:00 Schriesheim, Mehrzweckhalle TV Schriesheim – Berlin Rockets
02.11.2019 18:00 Weißenfels, Stadthalle UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – VfL Red Hocks Kaufering
02.11.2019 18:00 Wernigerode, Stadtfeldhalle Red Devils Wernigerode – SSF Dragons Bonn
03.11.2019 13:00 Kaarst, Stadtparkhalle DJK Holzbüttgen – MFBC Leipzig

As we have already seen, this might be the tightest league we have had for years….well with the exception of the very top and very bottom of the table. Could this be the chance Kaufering has waited for? Can they beat Weißenfels in their own hall? Reason dictates no, but crazier things have happened.

It was only a year ago when it was DJK as a newly promoted team that brought Weißenfels the loss of their first point of the season by beating them at home. There are however other interesting battles there… some might even call them these famous 6-point games as it is against your immediate rivals on the table…


We have already seen that we have a visibility problem in Germany with regard to floorball. So let us mobilize our friends and family… bring everyone at least one friend that has never seen a floorball game before. We really need butts on seats to raise the profile!

I will be personally at the DJK – Leipzig game in Holzbüttgen and I promise that the first person to come to me and tell me they’ve come to see their very first floorball game in their life… I will treat that person to a beverage of his/her choice! So in the meanwhile… take care and see you around!


Kimmo Vallema blogs about his floorball experiences in Germany. Want to know more about him? Click here to read his introduction article.

Kimmo Vallema
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