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Silly season: (international) transfers in Germany | Kimmo blogs

Every now and then, Kimmo Vallema blogs about his floorball experiences in Germany. Want to know more about him? Click here to read his introduction article.

Summer of fun
“Even if there is not much going on on the floorball floors in the nation, there is a whole lot going on in the backrooms. As the season has winded down, the winners and the losers have been sorted out and the dust has settled on the League-tables, it is the backrooms in the clubs that changed gears and kicked into frenzied action trying to work out the details for the next season.

Yes, the silly season is well in the way with announcements coming from everywhere on people staying or leaving, but at the same time leaving enough room for ample amounts of rumors. As TV Lilienthal – the cup winners! – decided to call it quits at the end of last season, it kicked up a whole new level of complexity to the transfer-markets. Suddenly there were some 20+ Bundesliga-caliber players without a Bundesliga-team. This in addition to the annual migration of mercenaries from Finland and Sweden that mostly came for a year and now head back whilst new ones are being talked with about try-outs and what have you.

I will not start going over every single move by itself as I would still be writing these in September when the league is back on… but suffice to say, there will be changes. As the teams are pruning themselves and putting their best foot forward to make themselves attractive to quality-players, it is still worth remembering that rumors are just rumors. In the end I only believe the transfers when I see them on the IFF International Transfers -list.

International transfers to Germany
Where the leagues in some of the other countries are managing to lure world-class talent, and Switzerland seems to be the destination to many Finns this year, Germany should also turn out quite interesting. The recent good showings of the German national-teams, both the men as well as the U19, has managed to raise the profile of German Floorball in the floorballing world. Having witnessed first-hand the level of interest from other countries to come and play here, the teams at times already can start being picky.

“It is sometimes a little like a dog chasing its own tail.”

The German league is also not completely without interest for the Clubs in the “bigger” countries like Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The level of play at the highest levels here could serve as a nice step on young up-and-coming talent looking for big roles and international experience. The problem for the clubs in Germany still remains is funding. Unfortunately, our sport in this country is still relatively young and unknown. This means, in real terms, that there is very little money available for the clubs. This, in turn, translates to problems attracting foreign talent. If the club can not afford to subsidize housing or offer other benefits, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract players. So far, there has been only a number of clubs in Germany that have been able to do that and you tend to then find them at the top half of the tables with foreigners largely dominating the score-sheets.

One could argue that this is a little double-edged sword as it helps your club being successful but brings often a financial strain to the club that is then often away from other things. Things like developing own juniors. Then again, if your first team is successful, this attracts more youth to the club… it is sometimes a little like a dog chasing its own tail.

Introduction to the German teams
In any case, I will try to create soon some kind of preview of the 19/20 Season introducing all the teams. Perhaps I will then be able to report on some of the key moves for each club, with who is coming and who is going. I will also try to write up something about the Renew-Cup where a number of 1st and 2nd Bundesliga-teams and the Dutch National Team will come together in Kaarst for a Tournament Renew-Group (represent Unihoc and Zone in Germany) is hosting. The tournament will be hosted by DJK Holzbüttgen and will take place between 24.-25. August of this year. But more about that next time!


Kimmo Vallema

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