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WFC 2019: These teams moved up to the semifinals – Day 6 summarized [Patron Only]

Here’s what happened during the first day of the quarterfinals, Day 6!

The sixth day of the WFC is over! We’ve seen six games, of which two were quarterfinals.

We’ll have a look at all games that have been played today:

Thailand – USA (15th place game)
Denmark – Singapore (9-12th place game)
Japan – Estonia (13th place game)
Australia – Norway (9-12th place game)
Finland – Slovakia (quarterfinal)
Switzerland – Latvia (quarterfinal)

Thailand – USA 10-6

The USA kicked off this match in absolute great fashion quickly taking a 3-0 lead against a sleepy Thailand. After ten minutes, however, something seemed to have woken up the Thai squad who turned the game around in a matter of minutes. Thanks to two goals of Thanaporn Tongkham and one goal by Lalita Kuiraphanew Thailand went into the first break with a tie. Today was Tongkham’s day and she almost single-handedly took down USA as she didn’t stop after her two first-period goals. In fact, she scored 3 more in the final two periods while USA could only deliver 3 more goals. This means that Thailand finished 15th while USA ended place 16.

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Thanaporn Tongkham (#69, Thailand). Photographer: Fabian Trees www.imagepower.ch

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