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“Our end goal is to make the top 10!”

Meet Yazzie Skene, forward from team Australia

In December, the 21-years-old Yazzie Skene will play her third World Floorball Championships with Australia.

How and when did you start playing floorball? And have you played any other sports?

I started playing when I was about 14/15 when my friend asked me if I’d like to try out a new sport during the summer.

We then found out a local representative team needed a couple of more girls to play so we went and helped them out quickly found a love for the sport. I also played field hockey from a young age which is why I play as a righty.

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Yazzie Skene (Photo: IFF)

You were only 17 when you played your first WFC. How was it to make your debut at that age?

It had always been my dream to play for Australia and getting to do it at such a young age was surreal. I’ll always remember pulling on the green and gold jersey for the first time and getting to stand next to some of my favorite people and sing our national anthem.

It’s an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and it never changes no matter how many times I get to do it.

Can you tell me a bit about the Australian floorball league?

I used to play for Newcastle Cobras in NSW but I recently moved to Perth, Western Australia so I could get some more training and more game time. I now play for Dragons FC in the women’s league here in Perth.

There are 6 teams and the women’s league is getting better every day with new players learning from the more experienced players and the more expired players honing in their skills and working on their knowledge of the game.

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Yazzie Skene controlling the ball (Photo: IFF)

How is your personal and team preparation for the WFC?

Personally, my prep started with moving to WA to get more training and game time. I’ve got a lot of coaching over here and I feel like my skills and techniques have improved, I feel well prepared for this tour.

As for the team, I am feeling confident with our preparation. We have a couple of girls over in Europe and the others that are here in Australia get to train as small groups because we are spread out all over.

I think that we are starting to understand all of the tactics that our coach has been teaching us and I think that we can really show that out on the world stage!

You play against the USA, Thailand, and Singapore. What are your goals in this group, and what do you think of the opponents?

Our end goal is to make top 10 but this will require us to put everything we have into our game and leave everything on the court!

We have played Thailand and Singapore a few times recently so we should know what to expect, as for the USA I haven’t played against them but I’ve been watching some of their recent games on YouTube and taking notes on their gameplay some individual players.

Yazzie Skene (Photo: IFF)
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