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“Our goal is to put Thailand on the Floorball map!”

Nina Suppa is one of Thailand’s forwards. She joined the team when it was formed, in 2015.

Currently, Suppa is playing at the SEA Games in the Philippines. The start has been great, with victories against Malaysia (2-8) and Philippines (6-3), but game #3, against Singapore, was lost 4-1. The tournament is the team’s last big test before the WFC 2019. Thailand still has to play against Indonesia, before they’ll play the bronze or final game.

Nina Suppa lives in Sweden. We spoke with her about playing in a team in another continent, the upcoming WFC and how she started playing floorball.

How is it to play in team Thailand while living in Sweden?

Before the big tournaments, we have been able to gather the team for a few weeks for training camps. That time we get to spend together is very important for us a team and I value that time.

I wish I could do both, live and play in Sweden, and at the same time live in Thailand and play with team Thailand. But I am very blessed and honored that we get the chance to be together before SEA Games and WFC.

How and when did you start playing floorball?

I started to play in 1994, when I was 11 years old. My brother told me to join a team (Björkekärrs IK), since he knew a few people who played there. So I joined, simple as that.

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Nina Suppa at the SEA Games

Have you played any other sports?

When I joined the floorball team I was already playing football. I played these two sports for a couple of years, but later I chose to only play floorball.

I was also playing handball at an early age, but not so serious.

How is the current season with your club FBC Lerum going?

It is my second year with this team. Right now we are leading the league in division 1. So far so good!

You joined team Thailand in 2015, when you were 32. Is there a specific reason you didn’t join earlier?

Thailand didn’t have any floorball team earlier! I got a message from my team leader in Pixbo,( a team I played with a few years ago), he said that Thailand was going to have a national team in floorball in Seagames and asked me if I was interested to play with them.

At that time I was pregnant with my first child and just 10 days away from giving birth. But I joined the team five months later for a training camp and played Seagames for the first time.

What are your goals for the SEA Games?

We will see how far our hearts and minds takes us, but of course, we will always have high hopes and the pursuit to win gold.

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Nina Suppa at FBC Lerum (Photo: Rasmus Tynander)

About the WFC, which will be your second one: what are you aiming at?

My personal goal is to do everything I can to help my team reach a better ranking than the last WFC.
Our goal is to put Thailand on the ”floorball map”. We want people to know that we are here to stay.

I think that as a team we need to be humble and understand that we are fresh in the sport and it takes time to get experience. But we will do our best.

You play against Singapore, Australia, and the USA. Thoughts towards these games and opponents?

Singapore is the team which we’ve played against several times (next is already in Seagames next week) and they are always hard to play against.

When we played against the USA last time we had a great start and to be honest, it felt good. But then we had several penalties and the USA had the chance to play 5 against 3 and took good use of it, that is when we lost the game, in my opinion. So it will be fun to play against them again and see how far we can go.

I haven’t played against Australia my self, but the team has and they lost. So we are hungry for revenge!

What is your best memory from WFC 2017?

To win against Singapore and to become the best team in Asia!

Nina Suppa at the WFC 2017
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