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Blog: “A Floorball Championship for Venezuela” | Asking for support

“A Floorball Championship for Venezuela”

An article from Lionel Escalona, member of the Venezuelan Floorball Federation, about how floorball in Venezuela is developing and how they need your support.

“In Venezuela we are working to organize our first official competition, which is why we need the help of all floorball fans internationally. That is why last November (2019), the initiative was born in France and Switzerland to generate an association called “Panas Association of Floorball Venezuela”, this association has the legitimate and legal support required by law in both nations to be able to raise the necessary funds that encourage the massification of floorball in Venezuela.

In the first phase, this association has received the support of sporting goods stores, Clubs and Players that have made, in solidarity, contribution of play materials to support the floorball in Venezuela. The second phase of the association has received the support of the International Floorball Federation, which on the occasion of the annual meeting held in Neuchatel approved the shipment of first-hand game material for the Venezuelan floorball and also approved it for the launch of the crowdfunding project to raise money.

Floorball Championships

The mentioned Project aims to organize the first official Floorball Championship in Venezuela for the autumn of 2020 (October). The crowdfunding campaign began in December 2019 on the occasion of the final round of the Women’s Floorball World Championship in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The immediate objective is to ensure the strengthening of the 5 teams currently operating or more, if our crowdfunding works in this first phase (there is currently a potential of 14 teams).

This collection will be used mainly to help the Floorball Venezuela association to organize its first national championship not only with the shipment of material, but also with help for the transport of equipment, preparation, logistics and intendence. Next, action will be taken to ensure the long-term continuity of the project. To this end, different projects will be developed that will allow us to be autonomous and sustainable in the long term, including exploring the possibility of producing material necessary for the systematic practice of floorball in Venezuela and in the region. This will, in turn, allow all Latin America to flourish as a floorball land, and thus allow our discipline to integrate the Olympic Games as an official discipline, a dream that we all share in the great floorball family.


We hope to count on your help so that together we can realize the expansion of floorball around the world and the Olympic participation of this exciting discipline… Venezuela and Latin America count on you.

To support this initiative and learn more about the organizers and the crowdfunding project “A Championship for Venezuela”, you can click here (on that page, scroll down for English translation).”

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