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“I try to focus more on the process rather than on the outcome”

Natalia Wee is one of Singapore’s forwards. With the World Floorball Championships 2019 upcoming, we decided to ask her some questions.

Natalia Wee (24) started playing floorball in 2007, when she was thirteen years old. Her current club is Team U Sports Liitto FC.

How has your road to the tournament been?

I would say that it has been a challenging journey leading up to the tournament. More rigorous and frequent trainings would mean more sacrifices made. In addition, injuries were incurred along the way which required recovery time and diligence in rehab.

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Natalia Wee (Photo: Leandro Ngo @drororomon)

Despite these setbacks, the journey has also been a fruitful one with support from family and friends.

Which teams did you play against at the WFCQ and how were these matches?

We played against Malaysia, Korea, and Japan in the group stage. Thereafter, New Zealand and Thailand. All these teams were respectively challenging in various ways and I felt that the level of play has increased as compared to previous qualifiers.

What are your thoughts towards your WFC opponents in the group stage?

Thailand and Australia have been our long opponents and as always, will put up a tough fight against us. It is my first time facing the USA so that would be interesting but definitely expecting a fast and physical game.

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Natalia Wee (Photo Leandro Ngo @drororomon)

Nonetheless, we will not let our guard down against all three teams.

How is your personal preparation for the WFC?

I try to focus more on the process and live in the moment rather than on the outcome. I believe in enjoying the now and am grateful as I never know if such opportunities would arise again.

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Natalia Wee (Photo: Yeo Xuan @yeoshoots)

How is your team preparing for the WFC?

Our team took part in the recent Czech Open, enabling us to gain more exposure and experience to a higher level of play.

We too have been incorporating more friendlies into our trainings to accustom ourselves more to game time but also tapering down certain trainings as we will also be participating in the 30th SEA Games held in the Philippines a week before WFC.

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