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How to score goals (according to science)

Nearly two years after the WFC 2016, the IFF and KIHU Research Institute for Olympic Sports published a scientific article about how the goals during that tournament were scored. 

According to the article, ‘the aim of the study was to investigate how the goals were scored in the IFF Men’s 11th World Floorball Championships 2016.’ Some interesting results were that scoring the opening goal would most likely (75%) lead to the victory, and 10,6% of all shots became a goal.

Furthermore, the Czechs had the highest scoring accuracy, even more than champion Finland. Left forwards scored the most goals, while more than 43% of all goals were scored by the first lines. Most goals were scored using a drag shot (23%), while volleys (7%) and backhand shots (5,5%) were a bit more rare. As can be seen below, the most goals were scored from what the authors call the ‘triangle’.

However, you’re wondering what you can learn from this. Well, here’s how the authors summarize the shots that lead to a goal:

  • On average, goals were scored 5.7 meters from the goal.
  • 23% of all goals happened through shots directy following a cross-pass.
  • 23% of all goals was made through a drag shot, as said previously.
  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of all goals were scored from the ‘triangle’, so try to get the ball to that spot!
  • 42% of the goals were scored to the bottom third of the goal, so keeping your shots low might be an idea (check out the top image).

In the future, more research articles like this might follow.

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