10 December 2019
Swedish Superligan

Former Mullsjö star David Gillek about to make his SSL comeback?

Photo: Per Wiklund

David Gillek (36) will make a comeback in the SSL, after his retirement from last year.

That is what the Swedish P4 Kronoberg published online.

READ – Mullsjö floorball star David Gillek retires

Since 2011/2012, Gillek has played for Mullsjö, until his retirement at the end of season 2017/2018. Now, rumors have it Växjö needs him. The club has troubles in offense, with injuries from Victor Hansson and Patrik Gustavsson.

Having a look at Gillek’s statistics in iBIS, the Swedish registration system, gives us the following:

‘Current club: Växjö’. If it’s true or not is something we might find out later today, as Växjö plays against Sirius at 16.30 CET. Another option could be the next game on Tuesday, when Växjö faces… Mullsjö.

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