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Kati Kütisaar (Estonia): “I want to play, have fun, enjoy the game and let the stick do the talking!”

Kati Kütisaar (25) is up for her second WFC.

With her country Estonia, she already played at the WFCQ five times, but only in 2017, she played at the final tournament in Bratislava. Now, the team meets Norway (Saturday), Japan (Sunday), and Denmark (Tuesday) in the group stage of the WFC.

We asked Kütisaar some questions about the current season and the WFC preparations and expectations.

You play in Finland at Pelicans SB, how is the season going?

It is my third season in Finland and first in Pelicans. The season is not going as well as the team is wishing for, but we train hard every day to make the team work.

I am forward in both teams. Only thing that differs is either I play center or wings.

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Kati Kütisaar (jumping) (Photo: Renee Kütisaar)

You qualified in a group with the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and Belgium. How were these games?

The games were challenging. Every team wants the place in WFC and each team is fighting for it. So did we.

You’ve played at one WFC before. What do you want to improve compared to the previous one?

As a team, we want to improve our positioning and show our fans that we are better than the last WFC. In my own performance, I want to just play, have fun, enjoy the game and let the stick do the talking!

In the group stage, you meet Norway, Japan, and Denmark. What are your thoughts towards these games, and what are your goals?

We think that every opponent is a strong opponent and we are going to play each game for the win.

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Kati Kütisaar (Photo: Renee Kütisaar)

How is your preparation for the WFC?

My personal preparation has been intense. Playing in Finland NLA and with national team Latvian league plus individual physical preparation.

Team Estonia also has good readiness for the WFC. As I said before we played Latvian league, we have prepared our mental side and our team spirit is awesome! We have prepared ourselves to go and ace the games!

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