23 October 2019
Highlights Swedish Superligan

Battle of goalkeepers in meetup Växjö vs. Helsingborg (+Highlights)

It was a game in which both goalkeepers played an impressive game but in the end, it was Växjö who took a narrow victory against Helsingborg.

(Highlights at the bottom of the article)

The 3 goals scored by Växjö were enough to keep the 3 points home against Helsingborg, who are still looking to find their groove at the early beginnings of the SSL season 19/20.

The game turned out to be a battle of the goalkeepers with on one side Jonathan Edling (Helsingborg) and Erik Svensson (Växjö) directly facing him. The game opened up in the second period after both goalkeepers kept their goal clean in the first. In the second period, it was Växjö to score first (André Andersson) but was soon answered by Linus Nordgren who set the equalizer. What could have gone either way in the final period, ultimately tilted in Växjö’s favor with 3-2.


Featured image by Per Wiklund

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