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“I’m expecting a huge crowd of fans in the stands”

Ina Jensen is left defender in team Germany: “I’m excited”.

The WFC 2019 is getting closer and closer, so we spoke with Ina Jensen. For the left defender, it’ll be her fifth WFC.

At which club do you play and how is the current season going?

ETV Lady Piranhhas Hamburg. The current season is going okay so far. We lost 3 games and won one. Two of the losses were unnecessary.

Does your position in the field at your club differ from how you have to play in the national team?

Yes, it differs, in the club I play as a Center.

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Ina Jensen (red) playing for Lady Piranhhas Hamburg (Photo: @pixzone)

How has your road to the WFC been?

I didn’t join the team until October this year but from that point, it’s been great. We played the 6 Nations Floorball Challenge (6NFC) in Poland and had a practice camp in November.

Even though the results of the 6NFC don’t look too good on us we worked really hard in November to eliminate the mistakes we made back in October and now we got two more weeks left to prepare and be 100% ready.

Which teams did you play against at the WFCQ and how were these matches?

The opponents were Finland, Russia, Austria, and Spain, but I didn’t join the team during the WFCQ due to personal reasons. So I can’t tell you how the games went.

In the group stage, you meet Switzerland, Poland, and Finland. Thoughts and goals?

I’m excited. It’s always an honor to represent your country and play against one of the top 4 nations. I’m most stoked about the game vs Switzerland.

It’s the opening game of the WFC and it’s against the home team so I’m expecting a huge crowd of fans in the stands.

I’m positive about ending the group in 3rd place.

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Ina Jensen (#9) during Germany – Sweden at the WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

How is your personal + team preparation for the WFC?

I practice twice a week with the team in Hamburg. On top, I do Spinning, running and lifting weights. So all in all 4-5 trainings per week.

How and when did you start playing floorball?

I started playing back in school in 2004. I used to play basketball and tennis, too.

What was your best floorball game ever?

I guess I can’t name you just one. There have been too many.

Ina Jensen at WFC 2017 (Photo: Unihockey-pics.de)
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