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Storvreta takes down Dalen after intense brawl (+Highlights)

Only days after the 10-3 loss against Falun, Dalen met the other Swedish giant Storvreta. The reigning champion had to bring its best to win the game 4-2.

(Highlights at the bottom of the article)

The match was a perfect example to show games don’t necessarily need goals to be fun. In the first period, Storvreta scored the only goal through Victor Andersson. The goalkeepers Måns Parsjö-Tegnér (Dalen) and Viktor Klintsten played a strong game with saving rates of 83.3% (Parsjö-Tegnér) and 91.3% (!) for Klintsten.

The same amount of goals was scored in the second period, but this time, it was Dalen to find the net. Anton Åkerlund equalized the score, assisted by Jonas Svahn. Alexander Rudd had the best chance to put Storvreta in the lead again, but his penalty shot was stopped by Måns Parsjö-Tegnér who did a copy of Alexander Rudd’s celebration dance after stopping the penalty.

In the final period, both teams managed to get great opportunities to score. However, Dalen’s lack of effectiveness led them to defeat as two times, the team could have found the net – but didn’t – while Storvreta scored in the subsequent counter-attack. Goals were scored by Jimmie Pettersson and Hampus Ahren. In a 2-second powerplay, Jonas Svahn scored 2-3, but Alexander Rudd made up for his missed penalty shot by scoring the decisive 2-4 in the final minute.

After a great start of the season, Dalen is now falling behind a bit, being fifth on the ranking after meeting the two favorites for the Swedish Championship. Storvreta has 11 points after four games, which makes them the current runner-up behind Pixbo, who have won all their games so far


Featured image by Per Wiklund

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