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Preview: Friday brings us the two remaining quarterfinals!

The WFC quarterfinals have started, with two games on Thursday. The two remaining matches will be played tomorrow!

On Thursday, the WFC continues with the quarterfinals and a bunch of placement matches. Check it out:

10:00 CET Singapore – Australia

The day starts off with the battle for 11th place, between two teams that have surprised us throughout the tournament: Singapore and Australia. The teams met in the group stage already, when Singapore beat the Aussies 4-3. Can Australia take revenge and claim 11th place, or will they have to settle with the 12th spot?

13:00 CET Denmark – Norway

A few hours later, another ranking game starts, in the hunt for 9th place. These teams too have played against each other before already, as they were both in Group C. Norway won the battle 4-5, so this ranking match is a promising one, which might perhaps even become the first game at this WFC to move into overtime!

16:00 CET Czech Republic – Poland

The third quarterfinal of the tournament is the one between the Czech Republic and Poland. What’s at stake? A spot in the semifinal against home country Switzerland! The Czechs reached the quarterfinal by becoming runner-up in Group B, behind Sweden. To reach the semifinal, the Czech Republic has to beat Poland, the team that kicked out Australia by beating them 10-3 in the playoffs.

19:00 CET Sweden – Germany

The last quarterfinal of the WFC 2019 is the one between reigning champion Sweden and Germany. The winner of this game moves up to the semifinal, in which Finland awaits. Sweden has won all of its previous games, with 49-7 goals. Passing expert Anna Wijk is already at 77 WFC assists in total and she’s eager to increase on this number. Germany has won the playoff game against Singapore (7-6) and has lost its group stage games with big numbers: 12-1 (Switzerland), 4-1 (Poland), and 17-0 (Finland. The team might be facing a tough time!

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