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“It would be unreal to get among the top 4 teams in the world”

Viktória Grossová (21) is one of the defenders from team Slovakia.

She’s currently playing at FBC Ostrava in the Czech Republic. In 2017, she made her debut at the WFC in Bratislava, Slovakia – a home tournament. We interviewed Grossová:

How has your road to the WFC been?

I like challenges and this was one of them. I think I have worked on myself, trying to eliminate my shortcomings and have gone through a lot of work. And this will be seen at the World Championships, but as they say, “Hard work will pay off in the future, laziness pays immediately.”

Which teams did you play against the WFCQ and how were these matches?

We met Hungary, the Netherlands, and Latvia during the qualification. Our biggest rival was the Latvian national team because they already knew that their game is not bad and these battles with their players really hurt.

With Sweden, the Czech Republic and Latvia, you face three strong opponents. What are your expectations for these games?

For me, this will be the first match against the Swedish national team. I have huge respect, but the desire to play balanced floorball against them throughout the match, as well as against the Czech national team, who confirmed during the Euro Floorball Tour that they belong to the top teams in the world.

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Viktória Grossová with team Slovakia

Against Latvia, we had the opportunity to play at the 6 Nations Floorball Challenge and it is a playable opponent for us, but we also want to enter the game with humility and respect towards this team.

How is your preparation for the WFC?

Personally, I pride myself mainly on fitness, speed or shot. I went through a difficult but good summer training that pushed my running, speed and fitness limits a little higher. 3x weekly training in the hall, gym and of course sufficient regeneration.

Due to the pauses in the leagues, we can have national reunions where we try to play as best as possible as a whole, suck in as much information as possible about the system, tactics and then move it to the pitch. Then, each individually in her own team.

In 2017, Slovakia achieved its best result ever with the 5th place. What do you have to do to reach an even higher ranking this year’s edition?

Believe and fight. Everything can be done if you want.

Certainly, it would be unreal to get among the top 4 teams in the world.

About your club season so far, how is it going?

I am currently playing for the third season in the Czech club FBC ČPP Group Ostrava.

This season we have big ambitions and goals, step by step we try to fulfill them. We are at the end of the first half of the regular season and our team holds second place in the table.

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Viktória Grossová with FBC Ostrava

What is your position in the field at your club, and does it differ from how you have to play in the national team?

This season – for the first time in my floorball career – I play in attack. All my life I played defense, whether in the Slovak club Fbk Komet Spisska Nova Ves and my beginnings in FBC Ostrava went straight to defense.

At the Junior World Cup in Canada, I had a clear post – defense and I think it will not be otherwise at this year’s World Championship.

When and where did your floorball path start?

My younger sister came to our family with floorball. My parents and I went to her next village for training. The coach still persuaded me to come and try it, but at that time I spent all my free time at an art school.

The turning point came in the summer of 2012 when I started summer training with the girls, and in September I had to choose either floorball or piano because I wouldn’t manage to do both with the school in time.

My choice was clear – floorball.

Have you played any other sports?

I am a sports-type and I can find a way for every sport, but only recreationally. Floorball was the only one I played and play at such a high level.

What is your best floorball memory?

Certainly the title in the Slovak women’s extraleague. And one of my best and most beautiful memories is working in the Czech extraleague or at the last year’s WFC, where I had the opportunity to play with the stars of Czech and world floorball.

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