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Poland has become #5 at the WFC 2019 after a clear 8-4 victory against Slovakia. It’s a historic achievement for Poland, as their previous best ranking has been a sixth place, in 2011. For Slovakia, it’s a step back after their 5th place in 2017. Zuzanna Krzywak opened the score after 108 seconds already, but […]
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Finland is the first semifinalist after a thrilling victory over Slovakia. The Slovaks stole the hearts of the crowd, but couldn’t monetize their chances well enough: 8-6. First period Slovakia had a fantastic start: Viktoria Grossova scored in the first minute, and seconds later, Paulina Hudakova – who already scored 5+8 points this tournament – […]
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All the facts of group B of the WFC2019 Neuchatel. Read – The 5 most successful countries in the Women WFC [Patron Only] Sweden Current Ranking: 1Result Previous WFC: 1First WFC Appearance: 1999WFC Participations so far: 11 Best Result: 1 (2017, 2015, 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2003, 1997) Most points last edition Emelie Wibron: 12+13=25 […]
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Katarína Klapitová (team Slovakia, Piranha Chur) is a 25-year-old defender who’ll play her fifth WFC. On Saturday, the WFC 2019 starts off and the Slovaks face one of the strongest opponents right away: Sweden. Hopefully, the team is prepared. We asked it Klapitová. How has your road to the tournament been? It started with 2 […]
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Viktória Grossová (21) is one of the defenders from team Slovakia. She’s currently playing at FBC Ostrava in the Czech Republic. In 2017, she made her debut at the WFC in Bratislava, Slovakia – a home tournament. We interviewed Grossová: How has your road to the WFC been? I like challenges and this was one […]
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When executed well, the slapshot is the fastest shot in floorball. Where do the speed and power come from? That’s what I’m gonna dive into today, helped by ice hockey and… physics! Fact: in 2011, the record for the hardest ice hockey shot was broken: Denis Kulyash (Russia) managed to shoot with a speed of […]