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The Kauppi sisters: long interview with worlds most feared floorball twins

Veera and Oona Kauppi are perhaps the world’s most feared floorball twins. After playing in Finland for their whole lives, they made the transfer to the Swedish SSL powerhouse IKSU who were favorites to win the national title. The twins excelled in their first season abroad with a massive 91 points for Veera Kauppi in just 26 games propelling her to the first position in the point league. However, the team was surprisingly beaten by underdog Täby who in the finals completed their dream season by defeating KAIS Mora with 7-4.

Another year, another season and with an upcoming WFC, it’s time to sit down and ask them all of our questions. We talk about the last season, personal goals, twin-competition and much, much more!

Hello Veera and Oona! When did you two start playing floorball?

We started in a club when we were 6 years old. We got our first sticks when we were about 2 months old so we have been into floorball since then!

Have you played any other sports?

We have tried a lot of different sports when we were younger, mostly with a ball in it! But we have also played football since we started floorball. It worked well because we played football during summers and floorball during winters. Anyway, we both suffered ACL injuries about three years ago and after that, we have concentrated more on floorball. Though Veera was playing her first games after the injury last summer!

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Veera Kauppi for IKSU – Picture by Per Wiklund

What do you usually do besides floorball?

Right now we are studying a bit and working at the same time so it’s quite busy in our lives right now. When we have free time we like to take it easy, be with friends and watch sports on tv or live!

At what age did you start playing in the Salibandyliiga? Same questions for the SSL.

We made our debut at the age of 14 in Koovee’s women’s team but during that season we played only a couple of games in the highest league. In SSL we are playing our second season at the moment.

Let’s talk about IKSU, the club you’re both playing for. You’re at 30 points after 11 games. How is the season going?

It’s going well as you can see from our team’s statistics. We have lost only one game and we’re still trying to find the best form with the team so we think the results are only going to get better as the season goes on.

Last year, you won the competition but lost the semifinal playoffs. What went wrong?

We as a team were not ready for playoffs and the whole other half of the season was going a bit badly. In a bigger picture we made a lot of small “mistakes” during the playoffs and semifinals and the opponent was simply better at the most crucial times.

You’re both forwards. Does your position at IKSU differ from how you play in the Finnish squad?

Of course, there are some differences but mainly we are doing the same things and have the same roles in both teams.

Some WFC questions. You’ve played against Germany, Russia, Spain and Austria during the WFCQ. With 92 goals scored and only 4 against, it became a walk in the park. How do you prepare for such relatively easy games?

We will always get better as a team and respect every opponent equally. There were quite big differences between teams and we knew that we are the clear favorites in our group so we wanted to just focus as well as possible in every match and make the best out of the time we got to spend together with the team.

At the WFC 2019, you face Poland, Switzerland, and Germany. What are your goals in the group stage?

To win every game of course but we hope that the team plays well so that we could continue to the next rounds with good self-confidence.

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Veera Kauppi playing for Finland – Picture by IFF

How is your personal preparation for the WFC?

It’s going well. We are fully prepared now and ready to fight for gold in Neuchatel.

How is your team prepared for the WFC?

We have had a lot of camps with the national team during the last months so we are well prepared even though we have a really young team with a lot of debutants. We traveled also to Tenerife before the WFC begins so that we can load our batteries, take a closer look at our tactics in WFC and spend time with the team.

Now it’s time for some player-specific questions. Oona, you’re one of the IFF GoGirls! Ambassadors. What does this title mean, and what are your goals as an ambassador?

It´s a big thing for me and I am very proud of being one of the GoGirls ambassadors. Hopefully, I can help girls with my own example; work hard, dare to dream and not giving up when obstacles occur.

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Oona Kauppi – Picture IFF

Veera and you are both excellent players. In which floorball specific part do you beat her? And in which other things does she beat you?

I’m better than Veera in scoring from airborne passes in front of the goal. Veera is very good at many things but she beats me in drag shot.

Do you think the two of you will play in the same team for the rest of your lives?

Now it´s working well playing in the same team and we both play better when we play together. I don´t think we will be playing in different teams at least in the next few years, but you never know about the future.

Veera, you’re two times the world’s best player. Since then, did you notice opponents have put more focus onto you during games?

I don’t think I have noticed a big difference after the nominations.

Last year, you broke the record of most SSL points in one season (91 points). What does it mean to you to break this record?

It’s not something I was going for or something I thought I need to do because individual records are not so important for me. In team sports, the team goes always before “me” so I must say that after last season the record didn’t feel so good because I was disappointed that our team’s season ended too early.

What would be your advice for young floorball players about how they might one day become the world’s best player?

If some of you are aiming to the top, I want to remind that there are many ways to get there and none of them is better than others. Believe in yourself, dream big, keep working hard but remember to always have fun!

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