Täby completes stunt and takes SWEDISH GOLD

Täby is the new Swedish champion after a close final against KAIS Mora. The team was able to transform their 4th place in regular competition into the Swedish Championships after winning their first ever Swedish finals with 7-4.

Despite twelve shots on goal in total, it took KAIS Mora some time to open the score. Nearing the end of the first period, Johanna Hultgren put her team into the lead. Mora, the runner-up of the competition behind IKSU, was the slight favorite as the team gained nine points more than Täby in the regular competition.

Despite these numbers, the team that defeated dead-favorites IKSU in the semifinals managed to close down its defense in the second period and gave Mora only four times the opportunity to shoot on target. Täby’s Julia Croneld even equalized and this was the moment the team had been waiting for. Within ten minutes, Täby scored three times more through Sara Attermo, Jennifer Stålhult and Linnea Wiregård (1-4). Right before the second break, Moa Gustafsson decreased the gap to 2-4.

KAIS Mora lost last year’s superfinal against IKSU and didn’t want to become another losing finalist. However, after eight minutes into the last period, Täby scored its fifth goal through Ranja Varli. Moa Andersson renewed Mora’s hope as she scored 3-5 with a top right sniper shot. Minutes later, the comeback was nearly completed when Gustafsson scored her second. A mistake in the build-up proved extremely costly for KAIS Mora when the team handed the ball to Matilda Sjödin who passed it to her teammate Anna Peterzén to lift the score to 6-4 in favor of Täby. This forced KAIS Mora to take more risks and the team pulled the goalkeeper. After a couple of misses, it was Täby to score the 7-4 empty net goal with a couple of seconds left.

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