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FloorballToday PRO articles now available for your complete team or club!

Do you also miss the good old days when we could still play floorball? Yes, we miss them too.

You’re probably sitting at home without having the opportunity to train – while you want to improve yourself as a player, coach or trainer instead! (or all three combined)

That’s why we now have two new tiers on our Patreon Page: the Coach Tier and the Club Tier!

What are Tiers?

Here you can sign up for a tier, which is a subscription to our PRO articles. Every month you will receive at least two PRO articles in your mail (for only a small amount per month). Recently, we’ve added the possibility to get this membership as an entire team or even your entire club!

How does it work?

With the Coach Tier, you can share our articles with your team. For instance: if your whole team takes a look at our Powerplay articles (part 1: the essentials and part 2: goal-scoring), you might benefit from it as a squad. If you coach more than one team, please contact us.

With the Club Tier, you’re allowed to share all our PRO articles with your entire club (up to 100 members). Coaches, trainers, and players can all benefit from it in this way. If there are more than 100 members in our club, please contact us.

Why join?

By joining, you (and your team and/or club) can continue to develop your floorball skills. In most of our latest articles, we also give tips to train at home, so even without team trainings, you can still develop yourself as player, coach, and trainer!

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