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“I have been preparing myself to come out and kill it with no regrets”

Isabelle Newland started playing floorball in 2007. Now, she’s ready for her second WFC.

With the World Floorball Championships getting really close right now, we’ve asked a few players from team Australia some questions. Newland is one of them. She’s played nine WFCQ games so far, and five WFC games. During the WFC 2019, she’ll turn 23.

When was the start of your floorball career?

I started playing floorball roughly 12 years ago after watching my cousin play in a floorball tournament here in Perth. I have been hooked ever since.

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Isabelle Newland (Photo: Jasmine Davies)

I joined the National team at the end of 2016 when I was selected in the team for WFC 2017 Qualification AOFC in New Zealand.

Do you have any specific goals towards your second WFC?

As a team, we have specific goals in terms of placement and what we want to work towards achieving. Within these team goals, for myself, I set certain goals to focus on my weaknesses and improving as a player.

Working on my confidence, decision making and fitness have been key areas I’ve really focused my attention on. After my first WFC, I now know what to expect so I have been preparing myself to come out and hopefully kill it with no regrets.

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Isabelle Newland, on the left (Photo: Jasmine Davies)

Can you tell me a bit about the league your playing in, how it is going with your team, how many teams you have in the league and such?

Here in Perth, Australia a lot of us train throughout the year together in the lead up to different tournaments for the Women and Men as well for National tournaments held.

However, our main league is the Perth Summer League running from October through till March. There are approximately 12 clubs with 2 Men’s divisions, a Women’s division, and Mixed division.

I am currently playing in both the Women’s and Mixed division for SDK United, with our women’s team winning all but 1 game of the season and mixed remaining undefeated thus far.

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Isabelle Newland (Photo: Jasmine Davies)

How is your personal and team preparation for the WFC?

For personal preparation, I really wanted to push myself as an athlete and aim to work on every aspect of my athletic performance in order to enhance my game.

Working within the exercise and fitness industry I have been able to utilize high-quality training facilities to get the best out of myself and have had heaps of external support to help my drive. As well being able to train with men’s teams and also the girls in the Aussie team who live in Perth has helped a great deal for my preparation.

Being spread out all over Australia and the rest of the world communication has been a big emphasis for team preparation. We will obviously meet for a training camp prior to WFC, but making sure we check in with one another to support, motivate and guide each other through our preparation has definitely ensured we are a tight-knit group leading up to WFC.

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Isabelle Newland (Photo: Jasmine Davies)

A buddy system was put in place in the lead up to ensure everyone was checking in with one another to make sure goals were set and everyone was progressing in the right direction.

You play against the USA, Thailand, and Singapore. Any thoughts?

All very strong teams that are looking competitive for this WFC. I have played against Thailand and Singapore in previous tournaments though it will be my first time playing USA.

I am excited to play all countries and as a team, we definitely have our eyes set and focused on number 1 in our group. More importantly, studying our opposition so we are aware of their structures and playing style will help ensuring the best possible outcome for Australia.

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