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Statistics in floorball: diving into player, goalkeeper and team stats [final part]

Welcome to the third and final part about statistics in floorball. In the previous articles, you’ve been able to read about how floorball analytics can help you win the game and how you can become a better floorball player by sitting behind the computer.

In this final part, you’ll get to see more of the details linked to working in analytics. Our guest writer takes you with him in this final part.

By: David Schenker (Floorballytics)

What else could be done? Lots, of course. I think that weighing the location where an event takes place would be key, as well as „Score Effects“, which takes into consideration if the game is close or not at a given moment of the game. Improved heat maps for event locations would be a visual form of feedback that could be improved. In a field like this where statistics and general analysis are still at the beginning, it’s key that you keep looking for indicators that allow your team to progress, to improve player feedback. Keeping an open mind and looking at how other’s work really helps and enhances your results.

I tried to keep this article short and crisp, there are many more aspects that I did not touch on. The software is capable of providing much more information than what I have mentioned above. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

What I used to produce these results:

  • Performasports Software, Coach Plus License, 900$ per season (prices start at $499 per season)
  • Sony FDR-AX53, 900$
  • Excel

Try Performasports for free – Click here

Here is a list of all the stats you see tracked, the only things I removed are player names and their jersey numbers. I will only get into the abbreviations that you might not know. It’s important to note that this was a dominant season for the team. I was an assistant coach for SV Waldenburg Eagles in the fourth highest Swiss league in the past season, the team and staff work on an ambitious basis compared to the level of the league. The team did reach promotion, concluding a very successful season. When looking at the values, it is important to note that several games involved heavily outscoring the opposition. For some games it was not possible to get appropriate video footage, for those games only goals, assists and +/- were added, along with the special team percentages. The per game and shooting percentage stats were adjusted accordingly. Here are some of the things that I tracked:

This leads to wide spreadsheets, like the ones below:

Table 1: Player statistics
Table 2: More player statistics

In the spreadsheets above, you can see the player statistics. In the two below, you can find goalkeeper (table 3) and team stats (table 4).

Table 3: Goalkeeper statistics (Games played, saves, goals against, save rate, goals against/game, minutes played)
Table 4: Team statistics

Below is what a tracked game looks like. The colours indicated the different events, they can then be filtered by event or player. This can also be done across multiple games. Per game I tracked somewhere between 250 and 350 events, this all depends on the depth you want to go into.

FloorballToday offer: Performasports gives the opportunity to try their software for 4 weeks – for free. Click here for a direct link.

This is the end of our statistic series. We hope to have been able to give you a bit more insight into how one can use statistics in floorball, and how you can improve your own game using stats and data.

Have you enjoyed it? You can send your questions and/or feedback to Floorball Analytics on Twitter!

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