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It is now possible to support us with a one-time donation

You can now support FloorballToday with a one-time donation.

In the past months, readers approached us with the question if it’s possible to donate with just a one-time fee. For various reasons, they preferred a one-time donation over contributing a smaller amount every month.

We’re very happy to announce it’s now possible to donate to us directly through PayPal/credit card. With a one-time donation, you help us to build out our floorball platform, so we can pay for our servers, hire more writers and cover other costs.

Would you like to make a donation, too? Click on the button below and donate via PayPal or credit card:

Or become a member from our Patreon page – including perks

Apart from this one-time donation, you can also become a member of our Patreon page. For a monthly fee of $6 you will receive our PRO articles on tactics and tips to become a better player, while supporting us to make FT financially stronger and stable.

Thank you for your support!

FloorballToday needs your support. Please consider donation a small monthly donation to make our website possible.
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