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NLA top scorer Rüttimann ready for her 6th WFC: “I always expect quite a lot from myself”

Corin Rüttimann is up for her 6th WFC. The current top scorer of the Swiss NLA seems to be more than ready.

Rüttimann (27) plays at Piranha Chur, the (so far) unbeaten team that’s on top of the Swiss NLA ranking. She is both top scorer (15 goals) as top point scorer (26 points) – after 8 games.

How old were you when you started playing floorball?

I started to play floorball when I was 5 years old. I tried other sports but I wasn’t in any other club than floorball.

Now, I’m up for my 6th WFC.

What was your best floorball game ever?

I will never forget sm-finalen 2017 in Sweden, when we won gold with IKSU.

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Corin Ruttimann with her team Piranha Chur, against Berner Oberland (Photo: Swissunihockey)

How is the club season going so far?

I play as a center at Piranha Chur and the season is going quite good, there are two hard games left until the games will start from the beginning.

We have some points we have to improve and we are working on that.

Does your position in the field at your club differ from how you have to play in the national team?

There are different playing systems but I play in both teams as a center.

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Corin Rüttimann at the WFC 2017 against Sweden (Photo: IFF)

You didn’t need to play a WFCQ. How has the road to the WFC been?

Correct, because we are the home team we didn’t have to qualify. We were working quite hard – we still work hard until the WFC will start – especially during the summer times.

We included a lot more training hours compared to earlier years.

What do you think of the group stage games against Poland, Germany, and Finland?

That’s an interesting group and as well a good group. Of course, we want to win the group.

I believe in our team that we have the resources to do that, but we have to be ready and to do a lot of hard work.

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Corin Rüttimann

What do you expect from a WFC in your home country?

A lot of Swiss fans and hopefully many victories for team Switzerland. The attention is, of course, bigger when you have a home WFC than to play in another country.

I personally expect always quite a lot from myself so there isn’t any difference if I play a home WFC or an away WFC. I think this is more a positive thing that there will be more Swiss fans in the hall.

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