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BREAKING: Sweden starts with experiment 2018/2019 – goalie equiped with FLOORBALL STICK

As a way of growing our dynamic sport, floorball is constantly tweaking and improving the playing experience for the players involved. In recent years, the most notable change was allowing the foot pass but also the way overtime situations were handled (4 vs. 4) was modified. The newest alteration in the game will be to equip goalkeepers with floorball sticks for the season 2018/2019 as a test case for worldwide implementation.

According to spokesman A. Persson from the Swedish Floorball Federation, there are a couple of reasons for the implementation:

  1. Research shows that goalkeepers score systematically lower on their playing experience compared to regular field players – in short: goalkeeping needs to be made more fun.
  2. In many countries there is a shortage of goalkeepers, granting the goalkeeper a floorball stick will make the step from a field player to a goalkeeper smaller thus increase the likelihood of a transfer.
  3. Currently, in some situations the goalkeeper is pulled to create a 6 vs 5 powerplay: we want to have a solution that lies in between. Now an ordinary goalkeeper can build the play which will make the more interesting for the audience and more dynamic for the players. We expect that the goalkeeper will still be pulled in crucial situations but the game will definitely become more dynamic when the goalkeeper is allowed to join the play.

If the new rule is successful, it will be implemented worldwide starting season 2019/2020.

Falun goalkeeper Johan Rehn in a promo shot.
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