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WFC 2019: End of the Group Stage – Day 4 summarized [Patron Only]

Here’s what happened during the final day of the Group Stage, Day 4!

The fourth day of the WFC is over!

We’ll have a look at all games that have been played today:

Singapore – Australia
Denmark – Estonia
Czech Republic – Slovakia
USA – Thailand
Poland – Switzerland
Sweden – Latvia

Singapore – Australia 4-3

Singapore and Australia battled for the victory in Group D, with Singapore as winner, despite being down 0-2 after the first period. Singapore scored three times in the second period, turning around the score. When at the start of the final period Singapore even scored 4-2, things started to look tough for Australia.

The Aussies scored the 4-3 in powerplay, and with more than five minutes left to play, anything seemed possible – especially when Singapore received another 2-min penalty. However, no further goals were scored and Singapore won the group, with Australia as runner-up. In the hunt for the quarterfinals, Singapore now meets Germany, while Australia faces Poland.

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Australia v Singapore (Photo: Michael Peter/IFF)

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