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WFC 2019: Only four teams left in the race to gold – Day 7 summarized [Patron Only]

Here’s what happened during the second day of the quarterfinals, Day 7!

The seventh day of the WFC is over! Two placement matches and of course the quarterfinals.

We’ll have a look at all games that have been played today:

Singapore – Australia 1-3 (11th place game)
Denmark – Norway 2-3 (9th place game)
Czech Republic – Poland 11-4 (quarterfinals)
Sweden – Germany 26-2 (quarterfinals)

Singapore – Australia 1-3

Like in the group stage, the placement match for 11th place was tight and tense. Despite a substantial amount of shots on goal (Singapore’s Fariza Zabir made 12 saves while Shannon Barnes made the insane amount of 37 saves!) there were not many goals in this game. Singapore took the lead with a goal by Amanda Yeap but from then on it was Australia who worked on their goal score.

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Photo: Michael Peter/IFF

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